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Your votes + predictive analytics

Pre-game voting is officially underway in SpotBowl 21 on the pre-released spots and more pre-releases will be added every day this week. Also underway: Predictive analytics.

Good marketing lives and dies by the quality of the data and analytics behind it. That’s why Pavone Group uses data and analytics in every campaign we create. We also know that a commercial isn’t effective unless it creates action. But what if we could predict how effective a commercial will be? With the newest SpotBowl feature, we’re one step closer to making that power a reality.

It’s called predictive analytics, and it’s the creation of the data scientists here at Pavone Group.

The tool uses a series of factors about each spot — including the emotional impact of the spot, the humor, and whether the spot included a celebrity or an animal (among other factors) – to predict which commercials will be effective and whether that commercial will perform well in polls like SpotBowl.

We also know that in order to look forward and predict we must look backward at history and past performance of previous spots. That’s why the algorithm at the heart of the predictive analytics tool is fueled by nearly two decades of SpotBowl historical data. Every spot is categorized, analyzed, sorted and weighted to create a proprietary model with the power to pinpoint effective advertising with a high level of accuracy.

Our hope is that marketers who are looking for an edge into what consumers will respond to (and who doesn’t want that edge?) will be able to use this tool to get those insights.