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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”


96.3% Likeability
19 Dislikes

Ranked #1

“Groundhog Day”

Bill Murray is still stuck in his Groundhog Day nightmare, but Jeep makes it better.

91.1% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Ranked #2

“Smaht Pahk”

Boston-based celebs John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch and Red Sox legend David Ortiz show off their Boston accents.

86.8% Likeability
51 Dislikes

Ranked #3

“Lucky Dog”

A cancer-surviving dog named Scout encourages viewers to donate to pet-friendly charities.

85.9% Likeability
53 Dislikes

Ranked #4

“Love Takes Action”

New York Life teaches us about the four types of love and helps people act on their love.

85.4% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Ranked #5


A man reminisces about the love of his life, with a little help from Google.

84.8% Likeability
34 Dislikes

Ranked #6

“5G Responders”

Verizon shows how its 5G network helps keep first reponders connected.

83.4% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Ranked #7

“Typical American”

Negative American stereotypes are contrasted with examples of human kindness and triumph.

82.7% Likeability
104 Dislikes

Ranked #8

“Cool Ranch Dance”

Lil Nas X shows off his moves in a Wild West dance off with Sam Elliott.

81.2% Likeability
62 Dislikes

Ranked #9

“Tough Never Quits”

NFL running back Josh Jacobs offers his younger self some powerful words of inspiration.

80.4% Likeability
60 Dislikes

Ranked #10

“Momoa at Home”

Jason Momoa sheds some weight (and hair) to relax at home.

76.9% Likeability
67 Dislikes


A woman has a few choice words for co-workers who haven’t heard of the Take 5 bar.

76.2% Likeability
123 Dislikes

“Can’t Touch This”

MC Hammer reminds a man with cheese-dusted fingers that he “can’t touch this.”

75.5% Likeability
92 Dislikes

“Jimmy Works It Out”

With help from coach John Cena, Jimmy Fallon discovers that working out is hard work.

71.7% Likeability
76 Dislikes

“Hey, Mama”

Anthony Anderson’s real-life mom shows off the many places where T-Mobile’s 5G network works. 

67.4% Likeability
119 Dislikes

“Take It to the House”

A boy runs a football through a variety of obstacles — and NFL stars — on his way to Hard Rock Stadium.

63.5% Likeability
109 Dislikes

“Baby Nut”

Mr. Peanut is reborn at his funeral as a baby nut.

63.4% Likeability
113 Dislikes

“Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

Rainn Wilson defends bread’s status when people call Little Caesars’ new delivery service “the best thing since sliced bread.”

60.8% Likeability
178 Dislikes

“Zero Sugar Shining”

Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross recreate an iconic scene from “The Shining.”

61.1% Likeability
88 Dislikes

“When We Come Together”

Spokespeople from various P&G brands pitch in to clean up a mess at Sophia Vergara’s house.

60.5% Likeability
227 Dislikes

“Stronger, Safer, More Prosperous”

President Trump touts the strength of the U.S. economy in his bid for reelection.

59.2% Likeability
116 Dislikes

“Ready to Rock?”

Facebook Groups brings together people with different rock-inspired interests.

58.9% Likeability
173 Dislikes

“Criminal Justice Reform”

President Trump highlights his accomplishments in criminal justice reform.

57.5% Likeability
184 Dislikes

“Be the One”

Microsoft tells the story of San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers, the first woman to coach in the Big Game. 

58% Likeability
224 Dislikes

“Before Alexa”

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi ponder what life was like before Alexa.

58.3% Likeability
88 Dislikes

“Go Wherever They Need You”

Cobie Smulders uses her Toyota Highlander to pick up passengers in desperate need of a lift.

57.2% Likeability
119 Dislikes

“Famous Visitors”

Alien visitors from various movies travel from galaxies far, far away to shop at Walmart.

55.6% Likeability
75 Dislikes

“Ice Cream Stain”

Charlie Day’s stained shirt nightmare finally ends…or does it?

51.4% Likeability
90 Dislikes

“Wonder Woman Stain”

The stained shirt saga continues for Charlie Day when he meets Wonder Woman.

46.6% Likeability
125 Dislikes

“Fix the World”

The Earth is fed a giant Snickers to fix its problems.

47.4% Likeability
101 Dislikes

“Bud Light Stain”

Charlie Day’s stained shirt nightmare continues in a Bud Light spot.

44.7% Likeability
110 Dislikes

“The Heist”

An epic car chase ensues when a Porsche is stolen from a museum.

43.8% Likeability
122 Dislikes


Charlie Day worries about when he’ll be able to clean a stain from his shirt.

41.6% Likeability
150 Dislikes

“Posty Store”

Post Malone’s brain takes control when he considers buying some Bud Light Seltzer.

36.9% Likeability
210 Dislikes

“6 for 6-Pack”

Michelob shows off how buying its Pure Gold organic beer can help create organic farms.

36.7% Likeability
105 Dislikes

“Masked Singer Stain”

Charlie Day finds himself on the set of “The Masked Singer,” still waiting to clean his shirt.

27.7% Likeability
198 Dislikes

“Tom Brady’s Announcement”

Tom Brady offers a long-awaited announcement about Hulu’s wide variety of programming.

26.2% Likeability
223 Dislikes

“Winona in Winona”

Winona Ryder returns to her namesake — Winona, Minnesota — to make a website.

25.1% Likeability
215 Dislikes


Actors from TV and movies show off how the Discover card has no annual fees.

24.3% Likeability
137 Dislikes

“All People Are Tax People”

Turbo Tax uses a song and some catchy dance moves to show us that all people are tax people.

23.4% Likeability
252 Dislikes

“Rick & Morty”

The characters of “Rick & Morty” realize that they’re trapped in a Pringles commercial. 

21.8% Likeability
258 Dislikes

“Going Away Party”

Power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend throw a party to say farewell to “old luxury.”

21.6% Likeability
258 Dislikes

“Find the Goodness”

Heinz airs four different ads at the same time, with each one featuring a happy Heinz ending.

18.8% Likeability
302 Dislikes

“Avocado Shopping Network”

‘80s teen movie queen Molly Ringwald peddles various products designed to pamper your avocado. 

19.3% Likeability
281 Dislikes

“Paint It Black”

H.E.R. and Missy Elliott show us zero sugar done right.

19% Likeability
247 Dislikes


Actors from movies and TV shows highlight how widely accepted the Discover card is.

19.3% Likeability
309 Dislikes

“Make Space for Women”

Actresses Busy Philipps and Taraji P. Henson, astronaut Nicole Stott, YouTuber Lilly Singh and journalist Katie Couric team up to make space for women. 

17.6% Likeability
230 Dislikes

“Show Up”

Coca-Cola Energy gives Jonah Hill the energy he needs to meet Martin Scorsese at a party.

18.4% Likeability
217 Dislikes

“Quiet Revolution”

LeBron James helps GMC promote the new electric Hummer.

16.9% Likeability
343 Dislikes

“Let It Go”

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams sings the signature hit from “Frozen” to encourage people to let go of their dependence on combustion engines.

14.7% Likeability
227 Dislikes

“Bling Cup”

J.Lo chases a thief in a Hard Rock Hotel, who turns out to be DJ Khaled.

12.7% Likeability
736 Dislikes

“Mike Bloomberg for President”

A mother who lost her son to gun violence explains why she supports Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

11.6% Likeability
198 Dislikes

“How I Mus”

Celebrities show the many ways they enjoy hummus.

9.7% Likeability
269 Dislikes

“Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

Jonathan Van Ness fixes the problem of pretzels not being Pop-Tarts toaster pastries.

8.1% Likeability
249 Dislikes

“Bank Heist”

Bank robbers kill time during a heist by watching a Chance the Rapper video on Quibi.

7.2% Likeability
142 Dislikes

“Step on Earth”

Turkish Airlines shows three people’s first steps abroad to show how it flies to more countries than any other airline.

enrique rosas diazenrique rosas diazRT @ipfconline1: Honored to be #3 in the Top 20 of the Most Influential Brands at #CES2020 by @visibrain Congrats…— 1 min ago
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D r. S u e ñ oD r. S u e ñ oRT @DraMoradoBajito: Consejo de la vida si te arrancas un pellejito del labio no comer Doritos... 🥺🥺🥺🥺 porque arde— 1 min ago
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ChasonChasonRT @LunaOi_VN: Another political prisoner in the USA and he's 21-year-old Vietnamese American.— 1 min ago
Rodrigo MasRodrigo MasRT @CristCorzo: Pregunta ¿Ningún fiscal va a denunciar por incitar a la violencia al dueño de este Audi Patente OSI 305? ¿Es legal que salg…— 1 min ago
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MeichanMeichan@Stop_Trump20 I never, ever drink either but Pepsi is sweeter the first sip, where Coke is more zingy.— 1 min ago
(not so) mean guy #BLM🥫(not so) mean guy #BLM🥫@ted_lord @pukingguile @JonTheHillbilly @MissJazzDaFunk @istacksilver @Threetle @KatWeegee @AFTRHRBRWSING 1. literally any, im a fiend for cheese 2. pepsi 3. salt and vin 4. im a fiend for eggs so any 5. baked and stuffed with cabbage and bacon— 1 min ago
Malhar VyasMalhar VyasRT @ShefVaidya: Dear @Uppolice @noidapolice, this person @RizwaanAhmed7 claims to be a resident of Greater Noida and an employee of @Toyota— 1 min ago
NadinNadin@arilovescookies 5 doritos despues > arianna con 10 tatuajes más— 1 min ago
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TEMPO.COTEMPO.COKia Sorento Hybrid Mulai Diproduksi, Dipasarkan Akhir 2020— 1 min ago
movies are my favorite moviemovies are my favorite movieWould you like a Pepsi with your down home 1885 for real back in 1885 dinner?— 1 min ago
RIAZkhanRIAZkhan@SadiaK80 Lagta hy nashta ni kia awaz ni nikal rahi— 2 mins ago
Memes by butter Scotch🍘Memes by butter Scotch🍘Hum na smjh pae e zong walon tmhari mohabt ka takaza Kia he? Kbhi free Mbs kbhi free minutes yh tamasha Kia he?— 2 mins ago
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véio do gamboavéio do gamboa@lukas_flas @8_Giovanini @juleno_14 E literalmente tem escrito do lado “Toyota cup”, que é diferente do que eu mostrei não é não? 🤷🏻‍♂️ E se a gente for falar de FIFA, como é que fica o “hepta do Flamengo” hein?— 1 min ago
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Erick BarahonaErick BarahonaRT @Light_Reading: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon prep for standalone 5G— 1 min ago
JoanaJoanaRT @catarinnavh: Doritos é gnd vida— 2 mins ago
Bogor SHOPPINGBogor SHOPPINGHarga Terbaru Mobil Toyota Bogor, hub: 085701512000 #ToyotaBogor— 1 min ago
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DanyDanyRT @AleCuore_: Ayer César Duarte bailando el rock de la cárcel y tres Doritos después lo meten a la cárcel. Que ironías de la vida. 😂😂😂😂 #J…— 1 min ago
レクサスIS botレクサスIS bot専用にチューンされたフォーミュラジャパン用のエンジンRV8Jをミッドシップに搭載したスーパーGT GT300仕様のIS350です。— 2 mins ago
PriPri@DianeLong22 @McMurcher44 Toyota would make a much more reliable car— 1 min ago
livi backwards is ivil 😈livi backwards is ivil 😈namimiss ko na yung Doritos na Cool Ranch wala ako mahanap 🙃— 1 min ago
Mian Haroon Riaz LuckyMian Haroon Riaz Lucky@Tayyab003 @ImranKhanPTI @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL @geonews_urdu @pid_gov @UsmanAKBuzdar Begharat k bachay harami teri tweets delet kernay say tera CYBER CRIME khatam nahin hota, jin ko tu nay tag kia hai woh hi teri paarain gayy.— 1 min ago
मेमे_हब 🇮🇳मेमे_हब 🇮🇳THE ART OF BAD WORDS via @YouTube . Lit 🔥🔥🔥video bhai.. Kya mast shabdo ka upyog kia hai tumne... Maza aa gaya. 😂😂 Mujhe bhi tutions chahiye bata kaha se lu.. @CarryMinati— 1 min ago
Ace of Hearts 🔞Ace of Hearts 🔞@TitanessBumbuh Would you say you are a Bumble Bea?— 1 min ago
•••🎟☠️✨•••🎟☠️✨The Golden Child (2/8) Movie CLIP - Dancing Pepsi Can (1986) HD via @YouTube...😘💞⭐️✨— 1 min ago
QUE RECOCHITA PSQUE RECOCHITA PSQuien para comer Doritos con Coca Cola ? 😌— 1 min ago
石鹸で手を洗うあらし。石鹸で手を洗うあらし。RT @grossherzigkeit: ここ数日、「小川さんは熊本のご出身ですが人吉は大変ですね」とのお声を多数いただくも、「胸が痛みますが、あの辺は藩が違うもので親類も土地勘もなく、よう分らんのです」と正直に答えるしかない。根っからの東京人は「??」という反応だが、「そうで…— 2 mins ago
༺M G W V༻༺M G W V༻👀 👅 ♻️RETWEET♻️ for Coca Cola ❤️LIKE❤️ for Pepsi MGWV 😨😑😒😞— 1 min ago
sandeep bhat 🌙☀️sandeep bhat 🌙☀️@vishrao Theory of coca cola and pepsi containing pesticides can be put to good use now ? :P— 1 min ago
Naza ❤Naza ❤RT @candeesottile: quiero doritos— 1 min ago
Marc MendellMarc Mendell@Tim_Stevens @nathanminer78 3 words : Support an aftermarket! Caveat, life long Jeep guy. But I’ll admit, to being Bronco curious. But for Bronco to compete with this crowd, it needs a deep aftermarket to cater to the enthusiast. Jeep / Toyota enthusiasts customize. Mopar was smart to get in that game.— 1 min ago
Muhammad JunaidMuhammad JunaidRT @HabibUl74319036: #UNBANPUBGPAKISTAN 10 Days sy Yahan Per Trend Chl raha Or Har Twit main Hamare PM @ImranKhanPTI ko Tag Kia jarha he Le…— 2 mins ago
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young whore in training 😅young whore in training 😅i woke up from my name cuz i was dreaming about arguing with a bitch at the gas station who took my hand off the last bag of doritos 😒 i was finna beat her ass— 2 mins ago
JUNIOR 🎞JUNIOR 🎞RT @afrofarian: Looking like Hyundai Elantra— 1 min ago
ChasonChasonRT @vetementsjeans: just got fired because a customer filed a complaint because the shirt i wore made them feel threatened…— 2 mins ago
Cellular SalesCellular SalesJoin the Cellular Sales team! See our latest job opening here: #Sales #Tarboro, NC— 1 min ago
✌🇦🇷🌎✌🇦🇷🌎RT @elgerardoluis: Che ratón en AUDI 2014 (@CFKArgentina Presidenta) Paga las patentes. SORETE.— 1 min ago
AzykielAzykiel@standing_fierce @jacindaardern Kia Kaha 💪🏻— 1 min ago
CARDOZOCARDOZOQue droga más rica que son los doritos— 2 mins ago
반동결❄영키반동결❄영키@Ori_Pringles 셔벌캣 쿵쿵따— 1 min ago
A.BA.B@_UmerMalik_ Shukr me nh kia 😂😂😂— 2 mins ago
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ega🐥ega🐥[HELP RT] WTS ° Pc Nkc blue yoyo 50k ° Standae pepsi - Jinhwan 18k - Yoyo 16k - Dongi 16k - Chanwoo 18k Take al standae 65k ✔Pc bisa Nego ✔Bisa shopee— 1 min ago
EllaEllaEstudar ou assistir Brooklyn 99 enquanto como doritos?— 2 mins ago
きときときときと@itani1005 @YouTube デジキャラットにょ は良く見てました。— 1 min ago
石鹸で手を洗うあらし。石鹸で手を洗うあらし。ごめんな……… 東京は東京と埼玉と神奈川の一部をまとめて江戸だったから……… 埼玉なにあるか知らんけど— 1 min ago
Jooniverse 7 / D2Jooniverse 7 / D2RT @yeopiphany: A dedicated fandom bought music on itunes, paid online concerts, sold out magazines, Hyundai Palisade, S20 BTS edition, fil…— 2 mins ago
Hitavo the TanukiHitavo the TanukiIt's kinda like the car market, some companies charge a lot more for a car like BMW, Mercedes, etc. Compared to other companies like Kia, Ford, etc. It all comes down to finding the right people to pay the prices you ask.— 2 mins ago
˙Ⱉ˙˙Ⱉ˙RT @Msuppasitstudio: TOYOTA All New Corolla “CROSS” รถสตูคันใหม่อยู่ไม่ไกลเกินเอื้อม #CorollaCrossxMew #CorollaCross…— 1 min ago
PathanieePathaniee@USAMANASSAR07 Mujhe kia hoa hai?— 1 min ago
RioRio@kia_ppp 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️— 1 min ago
Ahsan AwanAhsan Awan@Goharhasan Mujhe to lgta h gain Kia hei— 1 min ago
Azizul HaqAzizul Haq@AzazSyed Kia Parliament Mazhab-e-Islam se mubarra hai??? 1947 se pehle sub se muassar nara konsa tha???— 1 min ago
Murad_RafiqMurad_Rafiq@uzzi0011 Ni— 2 mins ago
فاروق افضلفاروق افضل@AishawritesBing Morning Waisay os ne kia kya h? 😜— 1 min ago
TK HelpDeskTK HelpDesk@maguitedetav + you may give us another call later. You can also visit our website for all offers we offer regarding your ticket.— 1 min ago
Lautaro ZalazarLautaro ZalazarRT @elgerardoluis: Che ratón en AUDI 2014 (@CFKArgentina Presidenta) Paga las patentes. SORETE.— 1 min ago
MariahMariahThank you bumble bee. We love you. Also, I’m deleting Twitter for a while. Need a break from social media due to trauma that happened last Wednesday.— 1 min ago
GalletiqueGalletique⚡ SELLING FAST! Takara Tomy Tomica 50th Anniversary 02 Toyota Corona Mark II Hard Top 141228 Mini Auto Toy 1/62 Diecast car! #fashionbook #beltyou Takara Tomy Tomica 50th Anniversary 02 Toyota Corona Mark II Hard Top 141228 Mini Auto Toy 1/62 Diecast car— 1 min ago
Kullu Ki ManaliKullu Ki ManaliGuyssss.... Last tweet se smjh aagya hoga that its a trap.... His last project flopped badly... that's why trying to do controversial things.... Please ignore Takla.... #SidNaaz Agar tumne ignore kia to 👇🐒🐒— 1 min ago
ClementineClementine@20Sarva Absolutely. Coke has a vanilla taste pepsi doesnt. I rarely drink soda these days but an ice cold coke from McDonalds is the best.— 1 min ago
chayanit kim💗chayanit kim💗RT @Msuppasitstudio: TOYOTA All New Corolla “CROSS” รถสตูคันใหม่อยู่ไม่ไกลเกินเอื้อม #CorollaCrossxMew #CorollaCross…— 1 min ago
Secular KimSecular KimRT @ShefVaidya: Dear @Uppolice @noidapolice, this person @RizwaanAhmed7 claims to be a resident of Greater Noida and an employee of @Toyota— 1 min ago
WebintelWebintel@Stop_Trump20 Yes, pepsi tastes flat, just 1 step up from RC COLA.— 1 min ago
Kath Sy⁷ (rest)Kath Sy⁷ (rest)RT @yeopiphany: A dedicated fandom bought music on itunes, paid online concerts, sold out magazines, Hyundai Palisade, S20 BTS edition, fil…— 1 min ago
melimeliRT @emarianaav_: t aman, se van y t odian— 1 min ago
Odey Benard EbodoOdey Benard Ebodo@Pepsi_Naija @cuppymusic Different colors of shoes— 1 min ago
市バス@C98火曜日(4日目)西う27b市バス@C98火曜日(4日目)西う27bLEXUS ES300…日本名WINDOM …懐かしいな、おい。 V6 3.0LのFF、とてもアメリカンなクルマ— 1 min ago
melimeliRT @JessicavCastro: SE ME PUSO LA PIEL CHINITAAA— 2 mins ago
波飛(ハナビ)@ハナビさん?!波飛(ハナビ)@ハナビさん?!私と一緒に「identityV」で遊ぼう!— 1 min ago
Elias AlejandroElias Alejandro@VictorMendozaL Hyundai, son desechables de EEUU; no conviene hacerle reparaciones mayores, ya que estas rebasan el valor de la unidad. Pésima "inversión"... Y así, varias marcas— 2 mins ago
MrStrangerMrStrangerRT @ShefVaidya: Dear @Uppolice @noidapolice, this person @RizwaanAhmed7 claims to be a resident of Greater Noida and an employee of @Toyota— 1 min ago
miss sunflower 🌻✨miss sunflower 🌻✨you a grown man eating PB&J sandwiches and Nacho cheese Doritos for breakfast 🤕— 2 mins ago