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Top 5

#1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Rap Battle

#2 Toyota: Good Odds

#3 Tourism Australia: Dundee

#4 E*Trade: This is Getting Old

#5 Anheuser-Busch: Stand By You

Bottom 5

#5 Turbo Tax: The Thing Under the Bed

#4 Turbo Tax: The Noise in the Attic

#3 Telemundo: Goal!

#2 Blacture: Be Celebrated

#1 Coca-Cola: Groove

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“Hey everyone, here’s YouTube stars Rhett & Link using our website to build a website!” That’s pretty much the gist of the spot which joined the Super Bowl at the last minute after announcing that they’d sit this year’s game out. The spot kind of looks like it was made at the last minute […]

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If the Terminator has taught us anything, it’s that robots and artificial intelligence can be downright mean. We’ll learn that lesson again in the Super Bowl in a commercial from Sprint. In it, a scientist is mercilessly mocked by his robotic creations because of his choice of cell phone plans. And, yes, that little guy […]

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Hey, remember that Pepsi commercial in this year’s game that everyone thought was going to be a remake of Cindy Crawford’s iconic 1992 Super Bowl spot? Well, that’s not going to happen. Not the way we all hoped, at least. Pepsi released its Big Game ad, and while it does feature Crawford in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her […]

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Every wonder what Steven Tyler looked like when he was 25? You could just do a Google search, or you can drive a Kia Stinger backwards really fast around a race track in the middle of a magical desert. That’s what Steven Tyler did and, whaddya know, he’s young again! It’s a pretty cool trick […]

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There’s a Coke for everyone. That’s the message behind Coca-Cola’s Big Game ad released today titled “The Wonder of Us.” The feel good 60-second spot celebrates diversity and inclusion by featuring shots of people of all different races, ages, and genders engaged in various activities. Grab a Coke and check it out:

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Do you like working out? Do you like beer? If you answered yes to both, you’ll love Michelob Ultra’s second Super Bowl ad titled, appropriately enough, “I Like Beer.” The spot stars Chris Pratt (who appeared in Michelob Ultra’s other Super Bowl ad this year) along with pro golfer Brooks Koepka, pro surfer Kelly Slater […]

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Anheuser-Busch, once upon a time secretive about its game day plans, has released its fifth and final Super Bowl ad from this weekend’s A-B line-up. (And, yes, there will be no Clydesdales this year. Instead, we’ll get canned water. Get over it.) The much-anticipated “Dilly, Dilly” spot introduces fans to the Bud Knight, who comes […]

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Think avocados are only good for guacamole? Think again. That’s the message behind Avocados from Mexico’s Super Bowl ad, which features a group of people (and a cameo from Chris Elliott) living in a domed utopia filled with avocados. But what happens when they realize the chips are outside the dome? Watch and see:

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File this one under “Don’t try this at home,” but Squarespace has released its Super Bowl ad, and it features real-life Squarespace user, Keanu Reeves, riding a motorcycle like a surfboard. In the spot, Reeves is shown reciting affirmations from Will Powers’ inspirational song “Adventures in Success.” Check it out below. And, again, riding a […]

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So, what would happen if Amazon’s Alexa lost her voice? We’re guessing she’d get a hard reboot and everything would be fine, but that makes for a really boring Super Bowl commercial. Instead, what if she were replaced by an abusive Gordon Ramsey, a rapping Cardi B, a sultry Rebel Wilson and a creepy Anthony […]

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Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@MonsterStarGaga Please send us an e mail via so we can further assist you.— 4 hours ago
GrouponGrouponRT @GrouponMerchant: For @Groupon's 10th birthday, CEO Rich Williams gives thanks to the @GrouponMerchant community #smallbiz #grouponmerch— 6 hours ago
James DollingerJames Dollinger@BuffaloWins Mike Martz from superbowl XXXVI would like a word— 34 mins ago
DoritosDoritos@almondaxoxo Please hit up the team at 800-352-4477 and they’ll be able to help you out. Thanks!— 8 hours ago
Legend33Legend33@Trey_Sleep35 No superbowl win for the Broncos this year.— 41 mins ago
Mark PikemasterMark PikemasterDecember 14, 2018 at 10:00PM SuperBowl 50 is February 7th 2016 at Levi Stadium— 7 mins ago
🦅Pat OBrien 🦅🦅Pat OBrien 🦅@PhillyFreck215 You literally cant fluke into a superbowl win lol a fluke is 1 game— 47 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@Hilmarj Our favorite view.— 3 hours ago
Jeff BellJeff BellI do love Andy Reid, but these guys are ridiculous. It’s been less than a year since #SBLII. Injuries and coaching changes= down year. Chill out. #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly— 9 hours ago
Sheryle GillihanSheryle GillihanRT @tdsmyers: A shot at going to the Superbowl for $10? Yep, courtesy of your @UWTarrant! (and even if you don't win, you still really did…— 12 mins ago
WeatherTechWeatherTechDo you need ultimate vehicle protection this holiday season? Shred on over to our website to see all the products for your vehicle!— 6 hours ago
Suffering Bucs FanSuffering Bucs Fan@JoeBucsFan hosting a Superbowl in 2021? I couldn't care less I want the team to win that's a horrible trade off— 12 mins ago
DoritosDoritos@Marissanakasone Please hit up the team at 800-352-4477 and they’ll be able to help you out. Thanks!— 8 hours ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@cookiecounselor Deal with the middle now, so you can be caught up in middle of it all later!— 6 hours ago
PringlesPringles@marrio180 Hi there, Jason. While there are no plans to bring them back, We appreciate your interest. Thanks for being a fan!— 9 hours ago
Chris RobertsonChris Robertson@BleedingGreen Guess they loved losing NFC championship games. Maybe they missed SBLII— 8 hours ago
Michelob ULTRAMichelob ULTRA@kandicecasey Hey, Kandice. Check your DMs for a message from us!— 7 hours ago
MichaelMichael@kylenielsen35 They won their Superbowl.— 29 mins ago
Aaron AndrewsAaron Andrews@DavidSteger87 Oh, that 2010 SuperBowl.— 26 mins ago
GregGreg@SBNation In my mind, unless they win the superbowl, it's always the Bucs. So, I'm disappointed a lot.— 41 mins ago
Lumber.King_THDLumber.King_THDRT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 37 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@fullmetalyo You know where to find us, Martin!— 6 hours ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@cmusick We are sorry to hear that. Please send us a DM with your VIN, your name and contact number. ^YP— 3 hours ago
BoutThemBirdsBoutThemBirdsNice long offseason to heal up. Then come back and suffer another injury.............. breaking his foot off in the League's ass. #CarsonWentz #WentzIsThatDude #FlyEaglesFly #BirdGang #SBLII #PHINALLY #WorldChamps #Eagles— 7 hours ago
🦅Pat OBrien 🦅🦅Pat OBrien 🦅@EaglesCOO @bigboss7272 He lost a coordinator and qb coach and massive injuries to deal with. I agree we regressed but u cant fluke a superbowl title. It dont work like that— 43 mins ago
Festive Legs MEdFestive Legs MEdI got my dad an autographed photo from the Superbowl and it arrived today & now that I've seen it in person I am SO EXCITED to give it to him.— 45 mins ago
norshooknorshookquando eu to precisando ser salvo eu pesquiso no YT: "Bey e Bruno mars superbowl"— 25 mins ago
EMERICKEMERICKRT @zeusFanHouse: #Infowars #Intelligence Source Says #Terror #Threat At #SuperBowl Very Real ~ Americans should be on high #alert this wee…— 8 hours ago
Hopeless Cowboys FanHopeless Cowboys FanA Bears vs Chargers superbowl would not shock me— 7 mins ago
EliasEliasRT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 23 mins ago
JebbicaJebbicatheyre playing it at the superbowl, we did it boys...— 16 mins ago
IrishIrishSuperbowl LII: Did Bill Belichick Purposely Throw the Game? via @YouTube Yoooooooo y’all gotta watch this, I never knew about this shit. He’s like Palpatine from Star Wars 😂— 14 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella ArtoisOne of the greatest things life has to offer is a beer at the end of the day.— 5 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@_Thembeka_ Please send an E-mail to for further assistance!— 6 hours ago
Intuit QuickBooksIntuit QuickBooksRT @SayYEStoProfits: This is an awesome new feature for our clients and all small business owners. This will enable business owners to main…— 3 hours ago
찰스오빠 사랑해 나 80000살이야찰스오빠 사랑해 나 80000살이야RT @vxmethyst: Bradley Cooper is me when I realized the Eagles won #FlyEaglesFly #SuperBowl— 18 mins ago
Jacob HillJacob HillGet @NdamukongSuh in the pro bowl even though he ain't playing since he going to he in the Superbowl but the man deserves it #MOBSQUAD— 28 mins ago
SparkySparkyIf they do actually perform sweet victory at the superbowl they should do thag hologram shit and make it actually spongebob and the gang playing it— 31 mins ago
Brett Littman🖖Brett Littman🖖@ForzaCorrado The crazy part of this movie (among many) is that a QB literally DIES in the SuperBowl and nobody even threw a flag. #OldSchoolFootball— 31 mins ago
WeatherTechWeatherTechWinter is here and WeatherTech has everything you need to safeguard your vehicle and home from weather related messes!— 5 hours ago
M&M'SM&M'S@AZSteve7 Got the necessities.— 9 hours ago
EMERICKEMERICKRT @zeusFanHouse: #Infowars #Intelligence Source Says #Terror #Threat At #SuperBowl Very Real ~ Americans should be on high #alert this wee…— 8 hours ago
e.oe.oRT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 27 mins ago
DMV PhoenixDMV Phoenix@shaunking @BetoORourke Can we get a Woman, Asian how about a Native American. I mean another one from Texas. I mean seriously is the Presidency like the Superbowl. You can only get if you from a certain state.— 39 mins ago
Jankis ClauseJankis Clause@just_winters @MBStadium Theyre playing that one superbowl spongebob song "sweet victory" at the auperbowl in honor of atephen hillenburg apparently— 29 mins ago
Jonathan PerretJonathan Perret@AndrewSiciliano @NFL Neither will be in the @SuperBowl— 29 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@DannyDunsmore Raising our Chalice to you, dear friend.— 3 hours ago
🦅Pat OBrien 🦅🦅Pat OBrien 🦅@EaglesCOO A fluke is 1 game. Not 13 and 3 a division title a conference championship and a superbowl ring. That is not a fluke— 45 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@lady0carrot0top Looks like you had some friends eager to see you at home!— 7 hours ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@PRockLA The perfect combination, friend!— 6 hours ago
Cade. 𓅓Cade. 𓅓RT @b_rigda: SUPERBOWL— 25 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@subgolfer You know it! 🍺— 5 hours ago
Michelob ULTRAMichelob ULTRA@Todd43645526 That's what we like to hear, Todd!— 4 hours ago
Kujeek IvachuqKujeek IvachuqRT @kjdenhartog: @TwoBitWhackJob It still blows my mind when people say “well, he was the front runner for MVP before his injury” HIS BACKU…— 35 mins ago
💰Ron💰Ron@Rebo___ @TotalProSports 😂get back at me after the superbowl 😶— 29 mins ago
🎈🎈RT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 47 mins ago
Jason MizenkoJason Mizenko@WIPEvenings @JoeGiglioSports He also said the Eagles shouldn't have won the Superbowl #hottake— 45 mins ago
Intuit QuickBooksIntuit QuickBooksMake money today, see it tomorrow with next-day credit card deposits See this and other product updates in our December blog— 4 hours ago
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⚜️⚜️New or Lean  11-2⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️New or Lean 11-2⚜️⚜️RT @TobiasIsWeird: @Hellomynameis_b @CharlieDN1025 @AtlantaFalcons He meant "Road to the Superbowl is going to be just Brees".— 43 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@KatKrazy80 Cheers to making the best out of any situation, Kathleen!— 6 hours ago
Michelob ULTRAMichelob ULTRANo one ever regrets going the extra mile... to get beer. #FridayMotivation— 6 hours ago
DoritosDoritos@LucasVaughan_ Please hit up the team at 800-352-4477 and they’ll be able to help you out. Thanks!— 8 hours ago
GaloCouverGaloCouverRT @galofamericano: 🔥Não pode ir a João Pessoa? Confere o vídeo do @rafaelmachadogalo Aqui é galo!!🐔🏈💪 @academiapri…— 23 mins ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@_DejaaPee We are sorry to hear your concern. Do you mind sending us a DM with your VIN your name and contact number ^YP— 3 hours ago
ET CanadaET CanadaAccording to a new report, #Maroon5 are having a tough time finding a guest artist to join them onstage during their rumoured #SuperBowl halftime headlining performance— 30 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@donnaclasen Perfectly poured for your enjoyment. Cheers, Donna!— 2 hours ago
Brennen RigdaBrennen RigdaSUPERBOWL— 29 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@Civersen4 You deserve a full Chalice, Cassandra. Cheers!— 6 hours ago
M&M'SM&M'S@Bluedreamblogr Happened to what ?— 9 hours ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USA@Aarghyoukidding Please allow us to look further into this situation. To best protect your contact information, send us the registered owner's full name, VIN and phone number via DM, thank you. ^cc— 5 hours ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@Stewiedew Cheers, friend!— 7 hours ago
Kia Motors AmericaKia Motors America@robertabooie We apologize for your concern you have experienced. Do you mind sending us a DM with your VIN, your name and contact number? One of our team members will contact you. ^YP— 8 hours ago
Jay HumphriesJay HumphriesRT @TheSptOffensive: OMG! You can hear the latest episode of The Sports Offensive at: #pod— 48 mins ago
M&M'SM&M'S@grace_nemeth That's definitely not how it should be, Grace. Can you please send us an email at so we can look into this?— 9 hours ago
Rosa Almeida GallardoRosa Almeida GallardoRT @EugenioDerbez: Me encontré este vídeo con fuertes declaraciones de un jugador de football americano... #SuperBowl2018…— 2 hours ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@JoHedwig We would suggest contacting the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. Although the club is not sponsored by our Company, its members are devoted to buying, trading and selling Coca-Cola memorabilia and may be able to provide you with information.— 6 hours ago
Quinton clarke🇯🇲Quinton clarke🇯🇲This video will be even funnier if they some how win the superbowl— 35 mins ago
Hyundai USAHyundai USAJust announced! With the electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500, the #HyundaiKonaEV will have a starting price of $29,950 with freight! More details here:— 8 hours ago
Dave HaugenDave HaugenTurned 46 today? All I want is an @Vikings superbowl before I die? #skol— 16 mins ago
Intuit QuickBooksIntuit QuickBooksRT @DannyDeVito: Love getting into character to play myself. I’m psyched for the new @QuickBooks #BackingYou campaign. Check it out: https:…— 5 hours ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@WhiskeyBravo307 We hope to be a friend. Cheers!— 3 hours ago
Joshua BodinJoshua BodinRT @BikiniBottomBot: Tweeted by Mercedes Benz Stadium, host of the 2019 Superbowl— 7 mins ago
Coca-ColaCoca-Cola@KneePickJeezus You know they care when they Share a Coke with you!— 6 hours ago
addison schlatteraddison schlatterRT @crocfanpage: “exacerbating the fears of terrorism were anxieties about a perceived moral breakdown, which janet jackson’s naked breast…— 37 mins ago
Dave Evers 🇺🇸Dave Evers 🇺🇸RT @Eagles: We’re #SBLII Champions, and it’s time to celebrate! These custom #QC35 II headphones from @Bose could be yours. RT to win. #Swe— 8 hours ago
Mike GalvezMike GalvezRT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 19 mins ago
Anheuser-BuschAnheuser-BuschMichelob debuted in 1896, but it was only available in draught format at high-end restaurants and hotels. To launch Michelob bottles in December 1961, #AnheuserBusch commissioned the design of the tear drop bottle that became synonymous with the beer. #FreshFromTheABArchives— 3 hours ago
IntuitIntuit75% of Intuit’s returning women technologists stay and succeed because of programs like Intuit Again and Tech Women @ Intuit. Global Lead @TracyStone1030 shares the many ways TWI is making #diversity and #equality a priority.— 2 hours ago
Z. GatesZ. GatesRT @NFL: After an injury cost Drew Bledsoe his season and opened the door for Tom Brady, Bledsoe got one last chance to play QB for the @Pa— 43 mins ago
Stella ArtoisStella Artois@mrscole131 The work never ends, Carey.— 6 hours ago
Matt in Aye KewMatt in Aye Kew@LaVendrickS @CountOnVic Do you have any superbowl highlights in high resolution yet or?— 41 mins ago
MonsterMonsterGet superior wireless performance with the MONSTER CLARITY DESIGNER SERIES WIRELESS HEADPHONES #youdeservebetter— 7 hours ago