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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

SpotBowl Blog

The SpotBowl team at Pavone Marketing Group works overtime to gather breaking Big Game ad news so you don't have to. On the SpotBlog, you'll get the scoop on every brand, every celebrity cameo and every pre-game release leading up to the showdown on February 2.

America has voted for its favorites in SpotBowl, the annual Big Game commercial poll created by Pavone Marketing Group. The winner is Jeep’s lighthearted and timely spot, titled “Groundhog Day.” Jeep’s fourth-quarter ad featured Bill Murray reprising his movie role as a man who relives Groundhog Day over and over again. This nightmare scenario is […]

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When you’re paying $5.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime, why not write another big check for a celebrity (or two or three) in your Big Game ad? After all, a celebrity almost guarantees buzz — from fans and the media — and provides an instantaneous way to connect your brand to viewers.  Each year, […]

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Are Big Game ads really worth the big dollars advertisers spend for them? Pavone Marketing Group Chief Creative Officer Ronaldo Jardim answers that important question.  A commercial in the first Big Game in 1967 cost $37,000, or about $300,000 today. Fifty-three years later, the price tag for a 30-second ad is $5.6 million. That’s a […]

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Anheuser-Busch has released another spot after becoming the first brand to pre-release its Big Game ad after last week’s ”Typical American” spot.  The latest release, called “6 for 6-Pack,” talks about the steep financial hurdles many farmers face in attempting to switch to organic farming and highlights the brewer’s pledge to help convert six square […]

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Did you know that John Krasinski and Chris Evans were from Boston? Probably not, since they don’t have that thick Boston accent, but they sure do in Hyundai’s Big Game spot.  The ad also stars SNL alum Rachel Dratch and Red Sox legend David Ortiz. We’d pepper in a few quotable moments here, but there […]

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How does Sofia Vergara clean up after an epic Big Game party? We’re about to find out in a Big Game spot. Better yet, fans will help tell that story.  That’s the game plan for Procter & Gamble, who will make waves in two ways. The first is with an ad featuring seven different P&G […]

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In Cheetos’ first teaser, we saw MC Hammer snacking on some Cheetos in 1989, lamenting his orange fingers and how he “can’t touch this” (his piano). In the next teaser, we see Hammer showing off his signature shuffle dance move to swipe a bag of the cheesy snack.    Check it out below and revel in […]

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So, apparently, Winona Ryder was named after a small town in Minnesota. Who knew?  Squarespace knew, and it decided to take the “Stranger Things” actress back to the southeastern Minnesota burg (population: 26,813) for a look around. Check out the teaser below. The finished spot will be a 30-second ad in the first quarter.  If […]

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Hard Rock International and Little Caesars — both rookies on advertising’s biggest stage — have announced that they will each suit up for the Big Game.  Hard Rock will use its 60 seconds in the second quarter to promote its chain of hotels and casinos (though not the restaurants the company also owns). The spot […]

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Anheuser-Busch is the first advertiser to unveil its big game spot, with the release of a 60-second ad titled “Typical American.” Check it out above. The ad is for Budweiser — a brand that’s fond of epic, patriotic messages — and features a voice-over criticizing American stereotypes (“showing up uninvited” or “removing their clothes in public”), […]

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AUNTY ADAAUNTY ADART @PrimeAutos_: Toyota Matrix 2005 (registered) Neat Exterior & Interior Available for Inspection/Swap 1,250,000 Call/WhatsApp 090935…— 1 min ago
uncertified fundiuncertified fundiRT @OwuorMichael: Pre-orders have already opened for the Toyota GR Yaris in Japan, where it's being being offered initially in limited-run…— 1 min ago
Plethoric IndividualPlethoric IndividualRT @noorzayyubi: Me as a lawyer: "Ye has rha hain isinay kia hain"— 1 min ago
(・∀・)hyt督🌙(・∀・)hyt督🌙RT @TOYOTA_GR: \#SUPERGT 開幕 #RTキャンペーン🎁/ 7/16木19時の「オンラインTGRステージ開幕直前SP」出演の監督+開幕戦出場ドライバー合わせて16名のサイン入りTシャツを抽選で10名様にプレゼント❗️ 応募方法 1⃣@TOYOTA_GRをフ…— 1 min ago
sudhirsudhirRT @darshanvmehta1: Bharti Airtel to Announce Partnership With Verizon: Bloomberg— 1 min ago
MonaMonaRT @noorzayyubi: Me as a lawyer: "Ye has rha hain isinay kia hain"— 1 min ago
Dr. Shweta SwarajDr. Shweta SwarajRT @HyundaiIndia: Witness the Virtual World of Hyundai, #TheNextDimension Live Launch— 1 min ago
Saywon AllenSaywon AllenSW-0006 K04 53049880023,53049700023,06A145704Q AUDI S3 1.8 T/AUDI TT 1.8 T (8N)/SEAT LEON 1.8 T CUPRA R BAM, BAM, BFV— 1 min ago
Kumar SanjayKumar Sanjay. @HyundaiIndia ने लॉन्च की #NewTucson , कीमत - 22 लाख 30 हजार रुपए। 2ltr Petrol, 152bhp (P). 2ltr Diesel, 185bhp (D). 8 Speed AT Gear. 5 साल की वारंटी। #Skoda #Karoq, #Jeep #Compass से मुकाबला. @CNBC_Awaaz #Hyundai #HyundaiTUCSON— 1 min ago
Sama.Sama.Toyota Passo 😎— 1 min ago
NURUDEEN  OLUSESINURUDEEN OLUSESIRT @Chichi_Arinze: Another massive discount. 2010 Toyota Venza upgraded to 2013. Price was 5.5m, bring 5m and it’s yours. No long talks. E…— 1 min ago
AUNTY ADAAUNTY ADART @PrimeAutos_: Toyota Camry 2004 (Tokunbo) Buy & Drive Available for Inspection/Swap 1,650,000 Call/WhatsApp 09093532474 #primeauto…— 1 min ago
Ali'👑k💪Ali'👑k💪@geonews_urdu Nujawano ko tabah kardo mazed sodi paiso se Sharm Ani chaye Imran khan sahb ko musalman ho Kia ho ap k sodi Haram rakm se ab mulk ko chalaogy..Qarza Dena he h to baghair sod KY do..ab jawano or ane wali naslo ko Haram KY paiso pe lga do ap shame on you PM— 1 min ago
まあくんまあくんRT @TOYOTA_GR: \#SUPERGT 開幕 #RTキャンペーン🎁/ 7/16木19時の「オンラインTGRステージ開幕直前SP」出演の監督+開幕戦出場ドライバー合わせて16名のサイン入りTシャツを抽選で10名様にプレゼント❗️ 応募方法 1⃣@TOYOTA_GRをフ…— 1 min ago
EêShâL..(Mirha🎂)🖤EêShâL..(Mirha🎂)🖤@Soneelashaheen tm bhi kia kro.. 😞😞— 1 min ago
Nduta😌Nduta😌RT @JerryBson: people who say toothpaste instead of Colgate think they are better than everybody😏😒 😂😂— 1 min ago
石鹸で手を洗うあらし。石鹸で手を洗うあらし。ミギィッ— 1 min ago
Silver Cat RacingSilver Cat Racing@LynnSarahBoyce1 Bumble bee 🐝 fest! 👍— 1 min ago
peppepRT @BurgerKing: breathe the farts of change— 1 min ago
Velkia 🌈✨ULULE EN COURS ✨🌈Velkia 🌈✨ULULE EN COURS ✨🌈RT @Vel_kia: Hello #NobodyArtistClub et #under10kgang ! Je suis auteure de BD et illustratrice, fan de fantasy, de charadesign et de jeux d…— 1 min ago
@nafeesgul22@nafeesgul22@SHABAZGIL Sir ham to bht parishan ha agr ye kia to bht bora hoga— 1 min ago
翔悟翔悟なんか来ました!笑 帽子付いてきたから牛被らせてみた笑— 1 min ago
Pringles PricesPringles PricesBig sign for a big Pringles price in a little Tesco.— 1 min ago
aYdolonaYdolonRT @Schuldensuehner: Just to put things into perspective: #Tesla is priced at 6,348 times 2019 earnings. Stock is priced at 166 times 2021…— 1 min ago
SoniaSoniaRT @DrHarish_Joshi: #aully aap ko Ramki yad kaise aai?aapto communist ho Chinaka sath dekar Mahalka droh kia hai Mahakalka khauf bhugtne t…— 1 min ago
ابو اصيل ناجي الجهنيابو اصيل ناجي الجهنيRT @LexusKSA: قوة الدفع الرباعي بأسلوب حياة راقي . #LexusGX #لكزس #لكزس_السعودية ⁣ ⁣. ⁣⁣⁣. ⁣⁣⁣#lexus #lexusksa #luxury #saudiarabia #Exper— 1 min ago
Muhammad usman khalidMuhammad usman khalid@LaraibJaBBar Yr follow back ka riwaaj hai kia— 1 min ago
Ali Can YalazAli Can YalazRT @raporlar: Türkiye'deki En Büyük 10 Sanayi Kuruluşu 1 TÜPRAŞ 2 Ford 3 Toyota 4 Oyak-Renault 5 Star Rafineri 6 Arçelik 7 Tofaş 8 İskend…— 1 min ago
s i e r r as i e r r aDo Doritos taste like shit now or is it just me— 1 min ago
Busayo FemiBusayo FemiRT @PELSAUTOS: 2011 model Toyota Camry muscle 100% condition buy and drive going a give away price of 1.950m with sharp venza engine Locate…— 1 min ago
اواش گل🥀اواش گل🥀@Lewanai_ To ho gya kia?— 1 min ago
Eng.NooriiEng.Noorii@KIA_alameeri حبيبتي الله يمسح على قلبج ويصبرج يارب❤️— 1 min ago
Złotowłosa 🇵🇱 💯Złotowłosa 🇵🇱 💯RT @natureslover_s: Pollen covered bumble bee ○ what a beautiful giy!— 1 min ago
무이무이@onion_pringles_ 에엑 안가니까 걱정마요 8ㅁ8— 1 min ago
Abimbola OjosipeAbimbola OjosipeRT @AutoJoshNG: A More Powerful Limited Edition #Toyota #Supra Is In Development #2023model #Bmw #Japan #LimitedEdi— 1 min ago
hُمahُمa@Callmebasit_ Nooo mn nyabhi phollow kia u ko😂— 1 min ago
KolBLN Junior Vice President Payroll Services 🛥KolBLN Junior Vice President Payroll Services 🛥@miriam_vollmer @kkklawitter Vor 10-13 Jahren war Audi mal fortschrittlich im Design. 😉— 1 min ago
Fat Cheeks 👑Fat Cheeks 👑RT @TOBlTH: our budweiser woman of the match 😆 fantastic performance tonight alyse lahue #NWSLChallengeCup #Budweiser #freealyse https://t.…— 1 min ago
Mahnoor.Mahnoor.I woke up with a headache btana bhool gye kia late btany se sahih nhi hoga?— 1 min ago
💎ꗟ𝓐 ℳ𝖎_💲ℋ𝓐🇭ᏃѦ𝓓💎💎ꗟ𝓐 ℳ𝖎_💲ℋ𝓐🇭ᏃѦ𝓓💎@OMGitsAliA heyy it's been a while since you didn't feature your beautiful Audi R8 what happened— 1 min ago
World NewsWorld NewsRT @FortuneMagazine: The first 5G laptop gets the most out of the super-fast new wireless technology.— 1 min ago
Elisa 🧜🏼‍♀️Elisa 🧜🏼‍♀️RT @laliervr: ⚠️⚠️ ATTENTION À TOURS ⚠️⚠️ Si vous voyez une Audi A4 break, gris clair, avec des plaques allemandes, 33 33, avec 3 types ded…— 1 min ago
Z A I M AZ A I M A@claytension @fur_hein Hahahaha.... naam tab bhi tumhara doongi, kyunki tumne promise kia tha comments like kia karo ge, tum nahi karte lekin 🥺🔪— 1 min ago
शिमला मिर्चीशिमला मिर्चीOrganic chemistry ne bade bade log ko tang kia hai😅😅😅— 1 min ago
レクサスレクサス川崎5R 単複 ⑦デルソーレ 馬単 7⇔3.4— 1 min ago
きあ@グラブル救援きあ@グラブル救援9BE021D0 :参戦ID 参加者募集! Lv120 アバター— 1 min ago
ویسکیویسکی@marria_so Toyota supra ماشینهای سری jdm خدای ماشینن:)— 1 min ago
UsamaUsamaKhayaal kia kro bhai Backup py koi insan rkha kro 1 kategi tu dosri sy set ho jana🙂— 1 min ago
🤍🦋🤍🦋RT @noorzayyubi: Me as a lawyer: "Ye has rha hain isinay kia hain"— 1 min ago
G RohithG RohithRT @HyundaiIndia: Witness the Virtual World of Hyundai, #TheNextDimension Live Launch— 1 min ago
Dandys!!! ひびき♪Dandys!!! ひびき♪@Pepsi_Cola37564 もう2年くらいコレですw— 1 min ago
fawadfawad@RehamKhan1 reply de hi rha tha jo same jawab sab awam de chuki hy phle hi..umeed hai karara jawab milne k bad zaleel hoker enjoy kia hga tmne lolzz— 1 min ago
100日後に成人する佐藤コーラ100日目100日後に成人する佐藤コーラ100日目@fullmetalarckem あー…まだそのレベルには達してないですけど()行けるように頑張ります!笑— 1 min ago
Audi StephanieAudi StephanieAny person living in 'tents' must understand the law of process. It’s a divine law which dictates the timelines in which spiritual realities manifest into the physical realm. It’s by this law that inheritance is withheld from children even though they are heirs. #PhanerooDevotion— 1 min ago
ఉరుముల దొరఉరుముల దొరRT @CARJ97: Rare Pic Our Kalyan Pepsi Add He was the first choice for many commercials but he stick to his morals #AdvanceHBDPawanKalyan…— 1 min ago
Ravishankar BRavishankar BRT @stpiindia: In 1953, Taiichi Ohno,an industrial engineer at Toyota,developed Kanban to improve manufacturing efficiency. One of the main…— 1 min ago
achaa⁷✧achaa⁷✧@kimxtae__ audi marissa jugaaa :((— 1 min ago
きあきあRT @repuchin_nico: 2020年7月版 キラーの強さランク ※れぷちん主観— 1 min ago
uufuufif you order Footlong on wheat Pepperoni bacon and Turkey toasted with Cool ranch Doritos and Red Gatorade i can kick your ass.— 1 min ago
Hyundai IndiaHyundai IndiaRT @Throttle_Blips: The new @HyundaiIndia Tucson has been launched with prices starting at Rs. 22.3 lakh. Powered by BS 6 petrol and diesel…— 1 min ago
Asad MalikAsad Malik@saneinreal Ptani dfa karo apna kia lyna dyna kci say— 1 min ago
AdibAdibAku je ke yang dah bosan dengan news spy X50? Lancar je la. Tunggu apa lagi. Segmen B SUV dah makin banyak model. Tu belum kira Toyota punya SUV yg launch dkt thailand last week.— 1 min ago
VictorVictorI had a system installed in my first Lexus when this song came out.. I was fresh to it but damn the subs were hitting hard.— 1 min ago
REEبA ♡︎REEبA ♡︎@Farigh_bnda Kia pata 😂😳— 1 min ago
SameerSameer@riazbhatti_sana @kamaalrkhan @kamaalrkhan Teri maa ko Chu...d ne dega Kia .. please ekbar please @kamaalrkhan manja Bhai ekbar hi Chu...dunga Teri maa ko— 1 min ago
Hyundai IndiaHyundai IndiaRT @carandbikehindi: ह्यून्दे टूसॉं का फेसलिफ्ट हुआ लॉन्च, पेट्रोल और डीज़ल दोनो इंजन मिले. केवल ऑटोमेटिक विकल्प और फीचर्स की भरमार. कीमत…— 1 min ago
EêShâL..(Mirha🎂)🖤EêShâL..(Mirha🎂)🖤@ItsWasiihere__ Alhumdullillah... 💖 tm btao kia haaL— 1 min ago
Aqsa~Malik~Khalid♡Aqsa~Malik~Khalid♡@itx_rajputani Kia hoo gya..😂— 1 min ago
Persil coverPersil coverМомси на скорости х150 снимает. Место неоднозначное, есть какой-то дисссссонанс внутри от сочетаний всего в рестике, но я хочу туда сгонять в новом красивом платье 🥰— 1 min ago
KZNY33KZNY33RT @TOYOTA_GR: \#SUPERGT 開幕 #RTキャンペーン🎁/ 7/16木19時の「オンラインTGRステージ開幕直前SP」出演の監督+開幕戦出場ドライバー合わせて16名のサイン入りTシャツを抽選で10名様にプレゼント❗️ 応募方法 1⃣@TOYOTA_GRをフ…— 1 min ago
🇵🇰hassan raza malik🇹🇷🇵🇰hassan raza malik🇹🇷RT @R_khaaan: معیشت کیوں نیچے جاتی ہے ! 🔻🔻🔻🔻 ایک شخص "Gree Ac" کی ٹھنڈک سے سو کرصبح "Seiko-5" کے الارم سے اٹھتا ھے "Colgate" سے برش کرتا…— 1 min ago
ReggieReggieRT @mr_geff1: Opening sales.🌤️ 2013 Toyota Camry sport's Registered. Toks standard Less than a year. No single faults to fix Buy and dri…— 1 min ago
عمر🇰🇲عمر🇰🇲RT @FastCarsWorld: Audi RS6-R ABT 🦅— 1 min ago
Hyundai IndiaHyundai IndiaRT @gaadiwaadi: 2020 Hyundai #Tucson Facelift Launched In India At Rs. 22.30 Lakh @HyundaiIndia…— 1 min ago
Sahi Vivaran PayengeSahi Vivaran Payenge4/x The #Tucson facelift arrives. Good looking car. Prices for the 2WD seem attractive. Not so sure about top-end 4WD. Details: SVP— 1 min ago
MattCHEWMattCHEW@itsajali @KuponoElmore @Pringles BBQ Pringles 😍😍😍— 1 min ago
Kingi GilbertKingi Gilbert@leighmarama Kia ora e hoa, i started a site for native indigenous cinema with friend Kath AkuhataBrown. That was our aim! Its hard signing films because producers have contracts with other distributors and also need some good money behind you.— 1 min ago
ZubbyZubbyRT @Chichi_Arinze: Another massive discount. 2010 Toyota Venza upgraded to 2013. Price was 5.5m, bring 5m and it’s yours. No long talks. E…— 1 min ago
Atif Saeed🇵🇰Atif Saeed🇵🇰@MeekBuTt Hahahahaha Allah maafi de m such m care ni krta logo ki Kia Rae ha mere bare Han bs aison ko avoid krne lagta phr— 1 min ago
Hayato YHayato YVerizon, Contact Center AI を使うらしい。— 1 min ago
M.M.@booksoverguns_ Kia hua hy?— 1 min ago
Fabio GrifalchiFabio GrifalchiE dopo la notte che non la porto la macchina a fare il taiando?! 😄 E che non aspetti due ore per riprenderla?! 😆 #sfranto #assonnato #resistereadoltranza #sonnoneabbiamo #sonnonontitemo #Toyota #Autis— 1 min ago
Deepankar SadekarDeepankar SadekarClick here for all details on the new @HyundaiIndia Tucson. Prices start at Rs. 22.3 lakh >>— 1 min ago
JΛɆĿ UCHIHAJΛɆĿ UCHIHA@AlexaCanez Pepsi nomas— 1 min ago
Vikas KumarVikas KumarRT @zBheem: If you have one of these devices👇 DM me right now for instant money! OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 6T McLaren, 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro…— 1 min ago
ZiaZia@ShumiShumaila Pehle Kia thay ??— 1 min ago
SiaSiaRT @fcbsiaaaa: SHAKIRA is the only artist in history to the perform at 4 major global sport events : Superbowl 2020 NBA all star 2017 FIFA…— 1 min ago
Hassan RafiqHassan RafiqTu Saara din Kia krty thy bhai— 1 min ago
きぁ🐰໒꒱· ゚@惚気垢きぁ🐰໒꒱· ゚@惚気垢@erosheee 〇〇プレーヤーは月収のことだと思います— 1 min ago
KabZKabZRT @Tracker_SA: Tracker officials tracked & recovered an Audi S3 in Eersterust after a family member raised alarm that the driver hadn't re…— 1 min ago
エスティマbotエスティマbotエスティマァ— 1 min ago
副隊長副隊長RT @TOYOTA_GR: \#SUPERGT 開幕 #RTキャンペーン🎁/ 7/16木19時の「オンラインTGRステージ開幕直前SP」出演の監督+開幕戦出場ドライバー合わせて16名のサイン入りTシャツを抽選で10名様にプレゼント❗️ 応募方法 1⃣@TOYOTA_GRをフ…— 1 min ago