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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

SpotBowl Blog

The SpotBowl team at Pavone Marketing Group works overtime to gather breaking Big Game ad news so you don't have to. On the SpotBlog, you'll get the scoop on every brand, every celebrity cameo and every pre-game release leading up to the showdown on February 2.

America has voted for its favorites in SpotBowl, the annual Big Game commercial poll created by Pavone Marketing Group. The winner is Jeep’s lighthearted and timely spot, titled “Groundhog Day.” Jeep’s fourth-quarter ad featured Bill Murray reprising his movie role as a man who relives Groundhog Day over and over again. This nightmare scenario is […]

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When you’re paying $5.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime, why not write another big check for a celebrity (or two or three) in your Big Game ad? After all, a celebrity almost guarantees buzz — from fans and the media — and provides an instantaneous way to connect your brand to viewers.  Each year, […]

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Are Big Game ads really worth the big dollars advertisers spend for them? Pavone Marketing Group Chief Creative Officer Ronaldo Jardim answers that important question.  A commercial in the first Big Game in 1967 cost $37,000, or about $300,000 today. Fifty-three years later, the price tag for a 30-second ad is $5.6 million. That’s a […]

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Anheuser-Busch has released another spot after becoming the first brand to pre-release its Big Game ad after last week’s ”Typical American” spot.  The latest release, called “6 for 6-Pack,” talks about the steep financial hurdles many farmers face in attempting to switch to organic farming and highlights the brewer’s pledge to help convert six square […]

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Did you know that John Krasinski and Chris Evans were from Boston? Probably not, since they don’t have that thick Boston accent, but they sure do in Hyundai’s Big Game spot.  The ad also stars SNL alum Rachel Dratch and Red Sox legend David Ortiz. We’d pepper in a few quotable moments here, but there […]

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How does Sofia Vergara clean up after an epic Big Game party? We’re about to find out in a Big Game spot. Better yet, fans will help tell that story.  That’s the game plan for Procter & Gamble, who will make waves in two ways. The first is with an ad featuring seven different P&G […]

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In Cheetos’ first teaser, we saw MC Hammer snacking on some Cheetos in 1989, lamenting his orange fingers and how he “can’t touch this” (his piano). In the next teaser, we see Hammer showing off his signature shuffle dance move to swipe a bag of the cheesy snack.    Check it out below and revel in […]

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So, apparently, Winona Ryder was named after a small town in Minnesota. Who knew?  Squarespace knew, and it decided to take the “Stranger Things” actress back to the southeastern Minnesota burg (population: 26,813) for a look around. Check out the teaser below. The finished spot will be a 30-second ad in the first quarter.  If […]

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Hard Rock International and Little Caesars — both rookies on advertising’s biggest stage — have announced that they will each suit up for the Big Game.  Hard Rock will use its 60 seconds in the second quarter to promote its chain of hotels and casinos (though not the restaurants the company also owns). The spot […]

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Anheuser-Busch is the first advertiser to unveil its big game spot, with the release of a 60-second ad titled “Typical American.” Check it out above. The ad is for Budweiser — a brand that’s fond of epic, patriotic messages — and features a voice-over criticizing American stereotypes (“showing up uninvited” or “removing their clothes in public”), […]

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nnIn a reversal from this, an old lady looked at me and clapped through the window of her Lexus when she stopped next to me at a red light, and I gave her a thumbs up— 9 mins ago
Alex PalaciosAlex PalaciosRT @anna_larr: .@Doritos_Mx ¿alguna razón para poner sus plásticos con promociones justo frente a los sellos de advertencia (y no al centro…— 9 mins ago
Trisha’s Trying To Be Nice Today 😉Trisha’s Trying To Be Nice Today 😉I have NEVER seen poll charts that look like these. Stunning and great news! #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare presidential race polls - Yahoo Search Results #VoteHimOut #BidenHarris2020— 9 mins ago
KIA.SG🌻KIA.SG🌻RT @OfficialMonstaX: [#MONSTA_X] 200927 #몬스타엑스 #SBS #Superconcert <2020 SUPER ON:TACT> DAY1 완료 다채로운 무대로 볼거리가 많았던 오늘 ❤️ 오늘도 몬스타엑스가 찢고 널고 다했…— 9 mins ago
stringstring😂😂😂 itna tention kia he... tuu bhi kha lena us din khana jidhar 100 kutte khasakte ek tere khane se 101 hojainge 😂😂😂— 9 mins ago
FATIMA م ل 🇵🇰FATIMA م ل 🇵🇰@pindiii_girl Kia hua 🤔— 9 mins ago
Neelam🇵🇰Neelam🇵🇰@_Huzaifa_Sayss Wahh ryy kia bat bol dii😂— 9 mins ago
BIRTHDAY BITCH 😍BIRTHDAY BITCH 😍@Kia_Ty_ thank youuuu— 9 mins ago
電気虫電気虫そりゃテザリングとか生配信見ながら勉強してたら170Gいくわな。データ無制限怖い………— 9 mins ago
Mr DaddyMr DaddyRT @BuyLagosLtd: FOR SALE!!!⠀ ⠀ Make: Toyota⠀ ⠀ Model: Venza⠀ ⠀ Trim: XLE⠀ ⠀ Year of manufacture: 2010 Condition: American used Transmiss…— 9 mins ago
A̷s̷h̷i̷s̷h̷ ̷G̷o̷s̷w̷a̷m̷i̷A̷s̷h̷i̷s̷h̷ ̷G̷o̷s̷w̷a̷m̷i̷RT @IntelligenceSct: Civilian losses: - 2x Killed At least 2x Wounded AZERBAIJAN: KIA: At least 30x, judging by the videos WIA: Unknown…— 9 mins ago
KiaKiaRT @danibrodesser: Warum Politikverdrossenheit vor allem im unteren Einkommensdrittel herrscht? Ganz einfach: in den letzten Jahren wird v…— 9 mins ago
mumossmumossI get the intense impression most people at YouTube think 50fps is for slow motion pictures of bumble bees, and nothing else.— 9 mins ago
Rodrigo ReRodrigo ReRT @DamianRegalini: ⭕6 Además, TOYOTA y MERCEDES BENZ anunciaron que retomarán el ritmo de producción anterior al inicio de la pandemia, po…— 9 mins ago
Enrique Sinatra🕴🏾Enrique Sinatra🕴🏾RT @Mark_Sanchez: .@Verizon got me, @TwentyER @EliManning & @ReggieWayne_17 watching #NFL TOGETHER on the @YahooSports app. Lesson #1: al…— 9 mins ago
Alberto CabaleiroAlberto CabaleiroRT @guadavazquez: Cómo garpa hacerse el zurdo... Navarro tenía a los productores en negro, 2 empleadas domésticas con uniforme (sí, sí, con…— 9 mins ago
jaejaeRT @KrystalTHFans: ซูจองกับการขับ Audi 🚙 ที่สวยและดูแพงมาก🥰🥰  #audi_ambassador ❤️ #KRYSTAL #KRYSTALJUNG— 9 mins ago
Just FrankJust FrankPassed by the local just now and they're all having their socially-distanced pints outside, but there's one dude leaning on an Audi having what looks like a Pina Colada and I'm like: Spot The Lockdown Expat. #SundayThoughts #cocktails— 9 mins ago
Call Me SholaCall Me SholaFor the vibes and cheer, I say Thank You Pepsi #BBNxPepsi— 9 mins ago
Lil MLil M@EpicThatWasEpic @schwarbananza @Cubs @Toyota oh for marquez makes sense— 9 mins ago
Electric VehiclesElectric VehiclesRT @AnthonyJClark: A good distraction: I drove my 2019 @Hyundai #KonaEV coast-to-coast, TWICE. NJ-CA Oct '19; CA-MD Mar '20. It's #Nationa— 9 mins ago
#ℙ𝕚𝕓𝕖 𝕧𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣𝕠💎#ℙ𝕚𝕓𝕖 𝕧𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣𝕠💎Que hermosa que queda la Toyota bajita como las del TCpickUp😍🤤— 9 mins ago
숭아숭아사실저 는프사로 트 친구별 한다구 요.— 9 mins ago
AlexAlex@mrfreshasian A Toyota pickup truck. If you do crash into a fence it wont do much because its a VERY sturdy car.— 9 mins ago
Alex - SPORTS ARE BACKAlex - SPORTS ARE BACKBreakdancing on a walk-off! Loved this #PhilliesMoment. #ULTRAMoment via @MichelobULTRA— 10 mins ago
KIA.SG🌻KIA.SG🌻RT @kureume: สุดท้ายนี้ฝากถึงวีนี่ 🐰 อยากบอกเยอะเลยครับ ถึงแม้จะพูดอยู่ทุกวันแต่มันก็ยังไม่พอ ขอบคุณที่คอยอยู่เคียงข้างผมเสมอมา หวังว่าต่อไ…— 9 mins ago
Vasoula ChristodouloVasoula ChristodouloLexus Croydon! ⁦@LexusCroydon⁩ ⁦@LexusEdgware⁩ ⁦@LexusReading⁩ ⁦@LexusSidcup⁩ ⁦@JemcaLexus⁩ ⁦@LGR1033⁩ ⁦@HELLENICTV⁩— 9 mins ago
Billy YoungbloodBilly Youngblood@ingridabyss How many Toyota Tacomas does one person really need?— 9 mins ago
름끝내기 장면하고 공 사진찍는거~~••— 9 mins ago
Gary - ANTIFA VP of HRGary - ANTIFA VP of HRAttention Hyundai marketing department: Just a minor detail. When you place digital ads in iPhone apps, you should probably spell your products correctly. You SUV model is Tucson, not Tuscon. Maybe don't go with the low bidder next time?— 9 mins ago
KIVA(通りすがりのスマブラー)KIVA(通りすがりのスマブラー)@Kia_start_ssbu ピエン(ノ_・。)— 9 mins ago
Mr AMr A@CruizAutoCity @iMisred @redmarketsunday 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i just loved Toyota from way back. The Hilux and Fortuner are my targets for now, but kana zvanatsorongeka, topinda muma LandCruiser then Lexus.— 9 mins ago
Mr AMr A@CruizAutoCity @iMisred @redmarketsunday 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i just loved Toyota from way back. The Hilux and Fortuner are my targets for now, but kana zvanatsorongeka, topinda muma LandCruiser then Lexus.— 9 mins ago
rgnE bibaH kilaMrgnE bibaH kilaM@BushraPmln Niazi nay Makti Bahni tyar kiya hain. Zara sabar karo is Mulk ka kia banay ga— 9 mins ago
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Mthuthuzeli  MpitiMthuthuzeli MpitiRT @dbn_spotter: Quite bright hey? Audi Q8 we spotted out in Umhlanga. #dbnspotter— 9 mins ago
NisayNisayRT @ActuAuto1: Sublime ce nouveau « petit » AUDI RSQ3 SPORTBACK de 400ch tout de même !— 9 mins ago
Mahanoorhashmi💕💕Mahanoorhashmi💕💕@choco_boy10 Kia cheeZ— 9 mins ago
TomFlockeyTomFlockey@KyManInTheWoods @Bruceb2The @estocker8 @janne_clark @SrSwanson1 @SickOfTheSwamp @AceOfSpadesTX @Plumbing101guy @belgique93 @EveylnM67 @JoanisMarvin @BSHerrle @JulieBBetz @ElizAKByrd @luke_holland78 @ksteven37 @PogueMoran Now you LOVE Obamacare bc Trump decided he does Yeah, that’s independent thinking. So far you’ve falsely claimed: -the ACA pushed ur rates up in ‘09 (BEFORE the ACA in ‘10) -u had no ins bc of it -the ACA raised your deductable (it was Toyota) Trump has no plan, so now it’s ok— 9 mins ago
adinadin@lovelylty95 MMF KAK KIA GAK MKSUUTTTT UEUEUEUEUE— 9 mins ago
HordezHordezJavy’s walk-off celebration is easily a Top 3 #CubsMoment this year! #ULTRAMoment via @MichelobULTRA— 9 mins ago
ISI-PAKISI-PAK@its_Shizzah Aaj na to salam ka jawab dia hai Na coment ka reply Koi narazagi hai kia ?— 9 mins ago
Ed WEd W@Indians @pepsi Wheres my hot dogs? Who won?— 9 mins ago
Blunt TechnicianBlunt TechnicianMan I need to get drunk bruh PEPSI ME PLEASE 🥃— 9 mins ago
Chris PalladinoChris PalladinoJavy’s walk-off celebration is easily a Top 3 #CubsMoment this year! #ULTRAMoment via @MichelobULTRA— 9 mins ago
OIL|やまさ🍞OIL|やまさ🍞@Kia_start_ssbu もう中高生窓入った方がええんちゃいますか()— 9 mins ago
M.SaimM.Saim@_ii3sha_ @Apka_bhoi nai yrr kia hogya hy— 9 mins ago
KIA.SG🌻KIA.SG🌻RT @changkinist: wonho’s flash: “can i find you again?” monsta x’s find you: “i’ll find you”— 9 mins ago
A̷s̷h̷i̷s̷h̷ ̷G̷o̷s̷w̷a̷m̷i̷A̷s̷h̷i̷s̷h̷ ̷G̷o̷s̷w̷a̷m̷i̷RT @IntelligenceSct: ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN CASUALITY REPORT September Clashes Number 001 27/09/2020 17:30 (GMT+1) ARMENIA: KIA: 16 WIA: 1…— 9 mins ago
AsifAsif@_Mrs_Mr_ 🧐 kia ho gia ہے. Control ya public place ہے. 😳— 9 mins ago
MaryMaryRT @Braves: It’s @Hyundai Alumni Sunday! RT for a chance to win this @Eperez1212 autographed ball! ⚾️— 9 mins ago
SiiphiweSiiphiweRT @dbn_spotter: Quite bright hey? Audi Q8 we spotted out in Umhlanga. #dbnspotter— 9 mins ago
Ashwani JhaAshwani Jha@arnabofficial9 Dhoni sir like personality aisi hi h He doesn't show off what he feel Jo insaan apne retirement pe ek simple sa post kia bs...aap uske upar question nhi kr skte Don't put msd name in all this shitmsd is legend both on & off the field— 10 mins ago
The Ram From Mars ♈️🔥The Ram From Mars ♈️🔥@BelanWaIi @Audi Yes.. same here. Have always been obsessed with the way they designed the body.— 9 mins ago
ANUPAM MISHRA🇮🇳ANUPAM MISHRA🇮🇳RT @IntelligenceSct: Civilian losses: - 2x Killed At least 2x Wounded AZERBAIJAN: KIA: At least 30x, judging by the videos WIA: Unknown…— 10 mins ago
Luke JonesLuke Jones@nathan_pettit Chicken burger and boiling hot can of Pepsi bro— 9 mins ago
MaSuMa 〽️🖤MaSuMa 〽️🖤If you can't afford my lays, kurkuray, chocolates, pepsi,Cornetto ka roj ka kharcha then meri taraf se inkar he, inkar he, inkar hai.🙌😂— 9 mins ago
meerabmeerab@rukhsanaalam Abb kia hoa sis🤔kis ki baat buri lagi?— 9 mins ago
H A i D E رH A i D E رRT @HaiDerthoughts: Mara pas asy frnds hain❣️ Tumara pas kia ha salo— 9 mins ago
코스코스타치바나 모짜렐라 레오나르도 제임스 2세... 혼혈인가봐용!— 9 mins ago
BumbleBee 🚩BumbleBee 🚩RT @ValyrianCA: 4-1 to Leicester. The greatest manager in the world is losing 4-1 at home to Leicester after spending almost a billion poun…— 9 mins ago
Thanos PapaThanos PapaIt's no doubt that Pepsi brought life to the #BBNaija. They brand made the show stand out. #BBNxPepsi— 9 mins ago
𝒎𝒊𝒌𝒊🧨𝒎𝒊𝒌𝒊🧨@koo6kv coca, la pepsi ed re trucha— 9 mins ago
Arantxa ŠtefanArantxa Štefanonly things that matter is riding round in my Toyota Century with a twitter celebrity— 9 mins ago
Muhammad TausifMuhammad Tausif@CrazyXO7 Ab pyaaar kia tu drna kia😂😂🤣🤣— 9 mins ago
PKCPKC@YaddyMania Toyota Tewatia 😂— 9 mins ago
WalkerWalker@Ragnar454 Pringles— 9 mins ago
20/∞ lll 🏆 Psycho = SOTY20/∞ lll 🏆 Psycho = SOTYRT @krystclass: krystal posing with her audi.. she's so expensive— 9 mins ago
SidNaaz🦋❤SidNaaz🦋❤RT @IgnoredAsFck: This is the same kind of comment that I offended during That necklace day.... To pure twitter ne mil ke mereko troll kia…— 9 mins ago
Rude GentlemanRude GentlemanRT @ervisoni: a beast in his natural habitat 🔥 @MercedesBenz— 9 mins ago
whoFuckinCareswhoFuckinCaresPringles <<<<< Stax— 9 mins ago
seul #GirlsSpkOutseul #GirlsSpkOutAwts grabe talaga standard ng sm, gagaling nito ba't pinakawalan— 9 mins ago
KIA.SG🌻KIA.SG🌻RT @satanmintzz_sn: ที่มาของวลีพี่ดีเจคนนั้นอ่ะค่ะ 😭😭😭— 9 mins ago
nasir fidanasir fida@SyedaShehlaRaza Oh khotion ki nazim tum apna btao tum kia zardari k bed ki zeenat ban k age ni i.apni oqat dekho or bhonkna dekho— 9 mins ago
SeharriazzSeharriazz@fitzisboss2 Kia glt btaya ma ne??— 9 mins ago
Malik SafranMalik Safran@SYCOHo11 Isy kia hua— 9 mins ago
rachael pixierachael pixieI really want all the calls about my car's "warranty" to stop. They even do it on weekends? My car has no warranty. It is a 2003 Toyota Echo that I love very much and named Bill Generico, but I also paid $3,000 for it over two years ago.— 9 mins ago
camcamRT @FastCarsWorld: Audi Q8 🦍— 9 mins ago
Aberdeen and Dundee AudiAberdeen and Dundee AudiIn the Audi #A4 Avant, #Practicality meets Class, and #Style meets Versatility. With 495 Litres of luggage space with the rear seats up and 1,495 Litres with them down, space is not something you'll be short of. Click to discover the A4 Avant: 👉— 9 mins ago
LorettaLorettaHmmm the way I love doritos but I have promised to eat healthy this week 😭— 9 mins ago
Rubi💕Rubi💕@Talhaaf11106240 @NeyaKhan1 @hamzashafqaat Hn g yh jo sb bol ry h yh log ghumnay phirnay bs aty class m hon uni m hon tu inko pta ho na k chl kia rha h bs uni ka nam ly k ghayab rhty h— 9 mins ago
Maria AparecidaMaria AparecidaRT @GabrielReignove: Já comprei minhas Budweiser pra live #PinkPartyDaFlay— 9 mins ago
furo देशbhaktfuro देशbhakt@LGIndia #LGFridgeJeeto #LG #Refrigerator we saw lg in our home since childhood, thats enough for trust in lg's quality , in india people known things by their brand name as we know toothpaste as colgate, like we know home appliances by lg...@LGIndia @LGUS #LGFridgeJeeto #LG— 9 mins ago
FeRa__AsgharFeRa__AsgharRT @fera_ke_jan: Kia psand ke shadi krna ghlt hai??— 9 mins ago
Arturo PereiraArturo PereiraRT @Motorsport: BMW beats the weather conditions – and Audi's challenge – to win the 48th #Nurburgring24 Hours. #N24h…— 9 mins ago
mollymollyDoritos over Lays . Go fight ur mama— 10 mins ago
Jacob NielsonJacob NielsonRT @Braves: It’s @Hyundai Alumni Sunday! RT for a chance to win this @Eperez1212 autographed ball! ⚾️— 9 mins ago
WalkerWalker@Ragnar454 Pringles— 9 mins ago
🌘🌘RT @ActuAuto1: Sublime ce nouveau « petit » AUDI RSQ3 SPORTBACK de 400ch tout de même !— 9 mins ago
StarLaVeeDah🇮🇹🇮🇹StarLaVeeDah🇮🇹🇮🇹Have yall voted? Let's go sms 08 to 37400. We doing it for #zama #TeamZama #IdolsSA— 9 mins ago