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the big game’s best spots, as voted on by you.

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The SpotBowl team at Pavone works overtime to gather breaking Big Game ad news so you don’t have to. On the SpotBlog, you’ll get the scoop on every brand, every celebrity cameo and every pre-game release leading up to the showdown.

The pre-game line-up is set!

The Pavone Group team is tracking 45 ads in the Big Game and 32 of them (71%) have been pre-released and are up on the SpotBowl site for voting. A star-studded 71% of the ads also feature a celebrity. Only…

Pepsi releases both spots, but are they acting?

Pre-game teasers for Pepsi featured comedy greats Ben Stiller and Steve Martin trading jabs about the other’s acting skills. While the world awaited a megawatt spot featuring both comedians in a single spot, Pepsi surprised us all with the release…

Paramount+ pre-releases its spot and it’s…interesting

Paramount+ has joined Anheuser-Busch (which has released all four of its spots) in the race to show off its Big Game ad ahead of the big day. The spot, titled “Stallone Face,” is as weird as the name implies. In…

Check out the entire pre-released Anheuser-Busch line-up

Anheuser-Busch’s full Big Game line-up has officially been released, and it includes an epic Caddyshack-inspired spot (Michelob Ultra), a golf-related co-promo with Netflix (also Michelob Ultra), Miles and Kaleigh Teller busting a move to some smooth on-hold music (Bud Light),…

The end of Anheuser-Busch’s exclusive sponsorship deal opens doors for competing beers

It’s no secret (at least it shouldn’t be) that Anheuser-Busch is the biggest advertiser in the Big Game. That spend used to include between four and five minutes of airtime, but the brewer is scaling back its efforts to “only”…

Pepsi spot to star Ben Stiller and Steve Martin

Pepsi isn’t the sponsor of the halftime show (that expensive privledge now belongs to Apple Music), but they do have a commercial in the game for the first time in three years. The spot will star comedians Ben Stiller and…

The newest SpotBowl game changer? Predictive analytics

Good marketing lives and dies by the quality of the data and analytics behind it. That’s why Pavone Group uses data and analytics in every campaign we create. We also know that a commercial isn’t effective unless it creates action.…

May the best ad win!

It’s officially SpotBowl season. As usual, the team at Pavone Group will be scouring the internet for all the Big Game advertising news and updates and posting it here on the SpotBowl blog. We’ll also be compiling the most well-researched…