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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing


92.6% Likeability
25 Dislikes

Ranked #1

Bad Passengers

Christina Applegate deals with quarreling candies in the backseat of a car.

89.8% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #2

Alexa Fails

Harrison Ford, Forrest Whitaker and team of celebs beta test various unsuccessful Amazon Echo spin-offs.

86.7% Likeability
33 Dislikes

Ranked #3

Crunch Time

Mr. Peanut and the Planters NUTmobile makes a crunch time delivery to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

86.6% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #4

Everyone Plays

Microsoft adaptive controllers help kids with disabilities play video games.

84.6% Likeability
12 Dislikes

Ranked #5

First Responders

First responders talk about the times they helped NFL players and coaches in times of need.

84.5% Likeability
40 Dislikes

Ranked #6

The Elevator

Jason Bateman is an elevator attendant in a building whose floors feature various uncomfortable life experiences.

83.7% Likeability
17 Dislikes

Ranked #7

Answering the Call

An NFL coach recounts his brush with death and thanks the first responders who saved him.

82.9% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #8


A man’s fantasy of meeting his grandfather and receiving an Audi takes a humorous turn.

81.5% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Ranked #9

Pet Comfort

WeatherTech shows off the care and quality that goes into its Pet Comfort line of pet feeding systems.

81.4% Likeability
39 Dislikes

Ranked #10

Say the Word

A man uses Mercedes-Benz’s voice-controlled feature to control the real world.

79.7% Likeability
43 Dislikes

It’s Bublé

Michael Bublé insists on pronouncing bubly like his last name.

78.5% Likeability
23 Dislikes

Eggplant Parmesan

A dad’s texts prove he’s still not sure how to use technology.

77.8% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Blowin’ in the Wind

Anheuser-Busch’s iconic Clydesdales haul a shipment of beer through a wind farm to promote the brand’s “brewed with wind power” message.

72.6% Likeability
72 Dislikes

Change Up the Usual

Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” (The Big Lebowski) and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) forgo their usual drink orders in favor of a Stella Artois.

70.6% Likeability
32 Dislikes

Free Tacos

T-Mobile shows us how dinner plans can be hard to make.

70.8% Likeability
31 Dislikes

The Great Unknowns

A boy narrates a story about a small Georgia town and their role in bringing Kia to life.

70.7% Likeability
34 Dislikes


Veterans aren’t defined by codes, but Google can help them find jobs.

69.6% Likeability
24 Dislikes

I’m Here

A Lyft driver’s text message takes on a whole new meaning.

64.7% Likeability
77 Dislikes

Sad Device

An Alexa-inspired smart speaker talks about how it’s unable to taste Pringles chips. 

63.9% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Special Delivery

The Dilly Dilly king delivers a shipment of corn syrup to the kingdom of Coors Light.

62.4% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Toyota tells the story of Toni Harris, the first female football player to receive a college scholarship for a non-kicking position.   

59.8% Likeability
35 Dislikes

Long Text

T-Mobile keeps it brief with a text message that’s anything but.

57.4% Likeability
115 Dislikes

Is Pepsi okay?

Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon team up to answer the age old question, “Is Pepsi okay?”

55.7% Likeability
90 Dislikes


In a world in which robots and humans coexist, humans have the upper hand because they can enjoy Michelob Ultra.

53.3% Likeability
129 Dislikes

Now It’s Hot

Chance the Rapper joins forces with the Backstreet Boys to show fans how to spice up an original flavor.

52.4% Likeability
118 Dislikes

Close Talker

Luke Wilson is closer talker with confidence thanks to Colgate Total.

49.3% Likeability
37 Dislikes


WeatherTech shows off its CupFone.

44.8% Likeability
48 Dislikes

Good to Be Free

Norwegian Cruise Line shows us why it’s good to be free.

43.7% Likeability
71 Dislikes


Google shows us the power of translation.

41.2% Likeability
124 Dislikes

The Ball is in Her Court

Serena Williams and Bumble encourage women to make the first move when it comes to life and dating.

37.2% Likeability
120 Dislikes

Killer Skin

Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to escape from a masked killer, but her killer skin makes things difficult.

36% Likeability
73 Dislikes

That’s Not Right

Mint Mobile shows us what’s right and how drinking chunky milk is not right.

33.9% Likeability
109 Dislikes


Tony Romo shows off his easy life and how Skechers slip-on shoes makes things even easier.

28.6% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Expensify It

2 Chainz uses Expensify to deal with a record label exec hunting for receipts.

24.8% Likeability
155 Dislikes

Top Dog

Kristin Chenoweth is a celebrity judge in a human canine show.

23.7% Likeability
74 Dislikes

Trojan Horse

Trojan horse riders discuss the differences between Miller Lite and Bud Light.

22.9% Likeability
81 Dislikes


A man struggles with an addiction to frozen food porn.

22.2% Likeability
63 Dislikes

Simply Feel Safe

Life can be scary, but SimpliSafe can help.

21.1% Likeability
179 Dislikes

The Pitch

Mermaids pitch Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer to some shark investors.

20.9% Likeability
68 Dislikes


RoboChild longs to be a TurboTax live CPA. .

15.8% Likeability
101 Dislikes

Best of Both Worlds

Former NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson stars in a bizarre brainstorm for Sprint’s commercial.

15.3% Likeability
83 Dislikes

Medieval Barbers

Medieval barbers discuss the differences between Coors Light and Bud Light.

14.2% Likeability
182 Dislikes

The Pure Experience

Zoe Kravitz uses ASMR to offer an up-close-and-personal audio experience.

13.6% Likeability
70 Dislikes

Deep Clean

Persil takes us to the “Deep Clean Level.”

13.6% Likeability
108 Dislikes

Eat Like Andy

Andy Warhol enjoys some Burger King.

12.4% Likeability
78 Dislikes

Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss shows how easy it is to make a website with

11.5% Likeability
77 Dislikes

The Journey

Turkish Airlines offers a trailer for its Ridley Scott mini-movie.

10.8% Likeability
207 Dislikes


The Washington Post shows us how democracy dies in darkness.

Data ScientistsData ScientistsAndrey Andreev Consolidates Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen into New Entity: Magic Lab. Read News:  #AI #artificialintelligence #machinelearning - #DataScience thanks @RichardEudes— 1 min ago
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Drew StearneDrew Stearneroadshow: 2019 Toyota RAV4 is the best it's been in years— 2 mins ago
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❤MIYU LOVEMAIL BOT❤@Hiatus❤MIYU LOVEMAIL BOT❤@HiatusI asked @pukopop if his OC, Cody would ever share pepsi with my OC, Totty and this was his response and I'm not disappointed XD— 1 min ago
Imad's Fc✌🇵🇰Imad's Fc✌🇵🇰Mujhe koi match toh btao Jo Sarfraz ne jeetweya ho ? Last 2 years se perform nahi kia us ne mai us ko criticised nahi kerna chaha rahe thi k jesa b hai humhara captain hai but tum jese logon GI wajah se bolna perh raha hai— 1 min ago
KiaKia@jeonjuxi Mau diapain emknya kia? Jgn coba"😤— 1 min ago
Driver & Sponsor BotDriver & Sponsor BotMartin Truex Jr. driving the number 70 QuikTrip Toyota— 1 min ago
Sean suxSean suxMountain Dew, Doritos Cheeky Nando's with the lads The end of all things— 1 min ago
ന്യൂഏജ്ന്യൂഏജ്വെരിസോണില്‍ മറ്റൊരു 5ജി ഫോണ്‍ കൂടി; എല്‍ജിയുടെ പുതിയ സ്മാര്‍ട്‌ഫോണ്‍ വി50 തിങ്ക് ജൂണ്‍ 20ന്— 2 mins ago
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どらっちどらっち@a_ayu59 Pringlesのサワークリームオニオン味俺も好き!✨— 3 mins ago
Ross SchillingRoss SchillingRT @RudyGiuliani: Looks like the Super Bowl. This is how I knew he would win. I went to a rally in July, 2016 and the crowd was like you u…— 2 mins ago
TWN.TWN.RT @Barrett_Jackson: Be among the first in America to own this totally rad @Toyota! This turbocharged 1994 ST205 Celica GT-Four's aerodynam…— 2 mins ago
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GambisteGambisteRT @rimisback: BlackBerry patent licensing company Avanci secures new deals (BMW , Audi, Porsche....) and Avanci partner Earnings says expe…— 2 mins ago
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Roaring BrainRoaring BrainRT @AnalyticsFrance: Andrey Andreev Consolidates Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen into New Entity: Magic Lab. Read News:…— 1 min ago
A B R A R ♡A B R A R ♡RT @dimagh_kharab: Tujhse milny ke so bahanay the, Hayeee wo bhi Kia zamanay the.💯💕 ~NFAK❤— 2 mins ago
suat ökmensuat ökmenRT @ajansfenercom: 💥 2019-2020 Sezonunu, 1 Temmuz’da Samandıra’da toplandıktan sonra 3 Temmuz’da Topuk Yaylası kampı ile açacak olan Fenerb…— 2 mins ago
JuanjoJuanjoRT @bueuF1: ¡¡¿COMO?!! ¿Qué Toyota ha despedido a Fernando Alonso? pero... ¿No había favorecido Toyota a Alonso para fastidiar al nº7?…— 2 mins ago
Rao AadilRao Aadilکیوں کروں افسوس_ **کہ کوئی ملا نہیں افسوس تو وہ کریں! **جنہیں ہم نہیں ملے [Ja Tujhy Maf Kia] @nainashahid @AbdulQa05642856 @mrizwan3046 @nimra_ghaffar @Hani_deya— 2 mins ago
CheckRaka เช็คราคาCheckRaka เช็คราคาRT @CarGURUThai: รถขนทุเรียนที่แพงที่สุดในประเทศ 😲 . Mercedes Benz X-Class ราคา 4 ล้านบาท🔥 พละกำลังโหดสุดในรุ่น ▪️เครื่องยนต์ดีเซล V6…— 1 min ago
Maham IqbalMaham IqbalRT @dimagh_kharab: Tujhse milny ke so bahanay the, Hayeee wo bhi Kia zamanay the.💯💕 ~NFAK❤— 1 min ago
山形レモン山形レモンRT @jsports_motor: MOTOR GAMES#272 今回の特集は TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race 2019 Rd.3 スポーツランド 菅生 HEAT2 #阪口良平 vs #谷口信輝 デッドヒートが繰り広げられる! 今日からJ…— 1 min ago
げんげんRT @audisport: Our 4 victories in the @24hNBR: 2012: Audi Sport Team Phoenix 2014: Audi Sport Team Phoenix 2015: Audi Sport Team WRT 2017:…— 2 mins ago
helenhelen@The_Blue_Cross Shes the double of our Pepsi whose age 14 and she has gone from being an outdoor cat to an indoor due to house move, not a bit of bother, she settled straight away.. Older cats are just happy to have you 👍— 2 mins ago
da777da777ni lexus ke libresse?— 2 mins ago
桜ノ宮京橋桜ノ宮京橋@cobby_jp 昔、親や親戚に2代目セルシオ(LEXUS LS400)の一番安いグレードをすすめられたことがありました。— 2 mins ago
lizzydglizzydgRT @RudyGiuliani: Looks like the Super Bowl. This is how I knew he would win. I went to a rally in July, 2016 and the crowd was like you u…— 2 mins ago
DOCٹOR 💉 (26/1 Amna ❤️❣️)DOCٹOR 💉 (26/1 Amna ❤️❣️)RT @yrrrr_amna: Krien to phir kia krien Tere bin kesy jiyien Ankhoon me pyar liye Bolo kahan kahan phirien— 1 min ago
Xee Mehar #1 Cror Nokriyaa khulne ka muntzarXee Mehar #1 Cror Nokriyaa khulne ka muntzar@AnsarAAbbasi Kia Bajwa saab j baad Army mein aur koi kabil Officer ni 🤔🤔 Raheel Shareef geya tu hi Bajwa saab ko chance mila— 1 min ago
Brandan KilbournBrandan Kilbourn@jennwickersham Like I said grab a goddamn budlight— 2 mins ago
ソーラソーラ@Kia___Channel @GurimuFN 勝手に使うなよおい!— 1 min ago
ManoMano@shakeelsrsr2 Kia?— 2 mins ago
🇹🇷 ardaener ✈️🇹🇷 ardaener ✈️RT @FutureTravelX: The first @theAPEXassoc education session is underway here in #Istanbul. @TurkishAirlines co-presenting with @Priestmang— 1 min ago
ghoulita ₆⁶₆ghoulita ₆⁶₆what i wanna say when my boss asks me how im doing— 1 min ago
Maryam ShabbirMaryam Shabbir3 days ago @MirzaSania said kid was with them and after @iVeenaKhan tweet she says kid wasnt with her 🤔 yeh ho kia raha hy? #VeenaVsSania #tweetwar— 1 min ago
А.С.-АвтоА.С.-АвтоKia Sportage спецсерии УЕФА 2019 — автомобиль для больших поклонников футбола! Комплектация Luxe расширена более дорогими опциями. Внешне автомобиль отличает шильдик Лиги Европы и логотип УЕФА на ковриках салона и дорожном наборе. Подробнее #KiaSportage— 1 min ago
Fernando Montes aldayFernando Montes aldayRT @PT_Button: PTB FACT Después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Corea del Sur prohibió toda importación de productos culturales japoneses.…— 1 min ago
TOYOTA BOGORTOYOTA BOGORDiskon Toyota Bogor, hub: 085701512000 #ToyotaBogor— 3 mins ago
eignaeignaRT @KatieMarlenee: Tweet erotica:it’s 12pm I grab a handful of cool ranch Doritos and exactly 4 gummy worms. I go into my bedroom and take…— 2 mins ago
mehamood rashidmehamood rashid@SaleemKhanSafi tumm jaso kkutto ki bary aiygy ghulamo harmio imran khan nay tum logo kay lifafy kia band kiy keh abhi media may pay apny maa chudathy hou kutto agar paisa hi sab kuch hay to apny maa bathy ko heera mandi may bita kay ziyada kamy karlogya likin apny mulk say gadar mat karo— 2 mins ago
E-commerceE-commerceOverall Minor updates, fixes and brand specific additions. Contact for specific model information on Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Nissan (in Beta), Infiniti (in Beta), Renault (in Beta). #cars #supercars #amazingcars247— 1 min ago
Imran MalikImran Malik@AbbTakk bs kar dy pagly ab rulaye ga kia— 1 min ago
Francisco Garcia ArrFrancisco Garcia Arr@nucasmar @LUC3ROAZUL @20m @menudotiarro Y claro es curioso que la carmena solo prohíba circular en la zona que vive ella. Que pasa a los de la periferia que les den? Menos cuentos. Y ella en su Audi diésel blindado.— 1 min ago
You NewsYou NewsINSIGHT-Toyota snub dents Saudi Arabia's manufacturing drive Saudi Arabia began courting Toyota two years ago to build a large car plant as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's grand plan to wean the kingdom off oil revenues and create jobs for young Saudis. …— 1 min ago
Sajjad_ali🔥Sajjad_ali🔥WaQt Auron Mein Baant Dete Ho, Ham Nahi Lagte Kia Tumhare Kuch.— 1 min ago
ayedayedRT @acitjahat: Pringles new flava 🔥🔞— 2 mins ago
Rita MistryRita MistryRT @NisaLocally: Doritos, Max Strong or Sensations? RT + Reply with your favourite summer snack for the chance to #WIN an Amazon Echo or a…— 2 mins ago
C4milanesa20🌹C4milanesa20🌹Tengo un antojo de doritos y papitas— 1 min ago
Mengerler İstanbulMengerler İstanbulYarış otomobili genlerine sahip bir 4 kapı; AMG GT 4-Door Coupe 🔥 #mercedesamg #AMG #GT #4DOOR #Coupe #MercedesBenz #Lifeisarace #mercedes #drivingperformance #çarşamba #istanbul #etiler #luxurycars— 2 mins ago
OSVOSVLooking for a #newcar? Perhaps you have your eye on the #Audi #Q5, or a #Mercedes #Cclass? We're halfway through the week, which means we have some new #specialoffers for you to look at See anything you like, get in touch— 3 mins ago
Joy Susan SaltJoy Susan SaltRT @ebony112345: Kia fixed and returned today..1,113 clams..ouch..walk it off pal..walk it AC fixed, 2 broken motor mounts fixed.…— 2 mins ago
yash bnayash bnaRT @KiaMotorsIN: Kia Seltos- Designed for India. Extensively tested in farthest corners of our country in different terrains and in all wea…— 2 mins ago
🃏🃏RT @acitjahat: Pringles new flava 🔥🔞— 2 mins ago
Steve Rogers🇺🇸Steve Rogers🇺🇸RT @wokeveganqueen: Vegan potato chips: •Doritos: spicy sweet chili/blaze •Fritos: original •Sun Chips: original •Cape Cod: original/salt…— 1 min ago
BeastBeast@NisaLocally Doritos spicy wings flava😁😁😁😁🔥— 1 min ago
Piko Motor Auto本店Piko Motor Auto本店RT @TOYOTA_PR: 【お知らせ】山形県沖の地震に伴う通れた道マップを公開しました。 #トヨタ— 2 mins ago
Sally HalesSally HalesRT @LegoLostAtSea: Some 50 years ago someone discarded these #ChipmunkCrisps packets in the dunes, along with a bottle of Pepsi. We found t…— 1 min ago
M. TOUQEER AWANM. TOUQEER AWAN@SaleemKhanSafi Saleem bhaiii Aqa nai axa insan ha wo and chor dakiu ka kiu production jari kia jaiii un ki tu assembly rukniyat bi khatam huni chahia— 3 mins ago
Rudra (रूद्र) { Follow back 💯 }Rudra (रूद्र) { Follow back 💯 }RT @anita_chauhan80: "Jahan tak Vande Mataram ka taaluq hai, it is against Islam & we can't follow it," says Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Ra…— 2 mins ago
ص🌹ص🌹RT @Auto_Porn: beautiful 2019 Audi S7 😻— 1 min ago
BeastBeastRT @NisaLocally: Doritos, Max Strong or Sensations? RT + Reply with your favourite summer snack for the chance to #WIN an Amazon Echo or a…— 1 min ago
Borja GironBorja GironOtra gran canción – Nuevo Hyundai i10 – Spot @HyundaiEsp #internet— 3 mins ago
Shakeeb ArshadShakeeb Arshad@iqrarulhassan Tu apna kaam kar tujhe kia masla hai team se @iqrarulhassan— 2 mins ago
Crazzy WriterCrazzy WriterRT @AttachMax: 1985 #Audi Sport Quattro S1— 2 mins ago
sajawalsajawal@maaz_ad @asim900 @Ahson8 @afaaq_soomro @AsharJawad on Current Form@Wahab is Going at Econ of 7.5 with Ave of 50 Pak is almost Out of World cup due to That Logic (Experience Wale) malik was selected on that logic and he has ruined our WC campaign Wahab Modern Day cricket kia sab sa Rubbish Bowler hai— 2 mins ago
Big Data AnalyticsBig Data AnalyticsAndrey Andreev Consolidates Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen into New Entity: Magic Lab. Read News:  #AI #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #Analytics thanks @RichardEudes— 2 mins ago
E-commerceE-commerceOverall Minor updates, fixes and brand specific additions. Contact for specific model information on Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Nissan (in Beta), Infiniti (in Beta), Renault (in Beta). #cars #supercars #amazingcars247— 1 min ago
Tom MeredithTom MeredithOur car has gone in for repairs and we’ve been given a Toyota Aygo for 3 days! Think I’ll stick to driving the van everywhere until we get it back 😂— 1 min ago
A a s h i i💙💫A a s h i i💙💫@MuhammadEhsan07 Q😐is se Kia hoga😑— 3 mins ago
Perth Today™Perth Today™RT @tcwafanpage: See our Hyundai Team at the Perth Tradie Expo starting this Friday to Sunday! Gold coin donation entry. We have amazing Hy…— 1 min ago
♡ ot7 ∞♡ ot7 ∞RT @hanbinsgurl: yes kim hanbin, we'll give you rice, tteokbokki, donuts, pringles, everything u want. just come back :< @ikon_shxxbi #St— 1 min ago
Zaid Mirza Ⓜ️Zaid Mirza Ⓜ️RT @waniya_here: Ishq had se barh jaye tu bemari hn, or had se na barhe tu adakari hn. Matlab insaan kare kia😂 #Sedlyf 😭😂— 1 min ago
⊹~Damien~⊹⊹~Damien~⊹@scfttransbby ~ He’s such a pure innocent little bumble bear. I must protect him until my dying breath. Then come back and protect him in the after like ~— 2 mins ago
Analytics FranceAnalytics FranceAndrey Andreev Consolidates Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen into New Entity: Magic Lab. Read News:  #AI #artificialintelligence #machinelearning - #Analytics Thanks @RichardEudes— 1 min ago
ahmet serhatahmet serhatRT @mydream_waterr: "Başbakanlık konutunu kullanıyor ve Başbakanlık aracını kullanıyor Hangi yetkiyle bu milletin parasını harcıyor?? Sad…— 1 min ago
FootbOLFootbOL@YTExemple @arg_waze Aucune ressemblance avec pepsi en plus— 2 mins ago
cutegirlcutegirlRT @dezeen: Tehran apartment block by Fundamental Approach Architects features perforated brick screens: https://t.…— 3 mins ago
Moro AbramMoro AbramRT @MercedesAMG: Nothing spices things up like a beautiful Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupé outfitted with AMG Performance seats i…— 2 mins ago
andreaandreaRT @LoPsihologo: Le mani dei bambini entrano nel tubo delle Pringles ma loro non si rendono conto della fortuna che hanno. E quando se ne r…— 1 min ago
Verilee ThompsonVerilee Thompson@claritymoney Verizon 40.00 I want that bill 😂— 2 mins ago
sʜᴇɪᴋʜᴏᴏ sᴀʏssʜᴇɪᴋʜᴏᴏ sᴀʏs@Zeerki_kaho Pta nhi ye kia scene h— 1 min ago
Criscio Luis Diaz GCriscio Luis Diaz GRT @vicseara: Las victorias son merecidas siempre para el ganador. Si ganó, lo merece. Eso me lo dijo un piloto hablando distendidamente un…— 1 min ago
SeladinhoSeladinhoRT @GiovaniCaleb: Journey to the east! Korea diaries. #HYUNDAI— 1 min ago
Drew StearneDrew Stearneroadshow: 2019 Toyota RAV4 is the best it's been in years— 2 mins ago