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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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KIAKIA@NyanCoD_ あれはMS+75盛ってくる— 2 mins ago
รักฉันนี้เพื่อเธอรักฉันนี้เพื่อเธอRT @bigmountainTH: โชว์ไทม์เวทีวัว #BMMF11 #PEPSI #งานเดียวเที่ยวทุกเทศกาล— 3 mins ago
karma || kenma’s gf ♡karma || kenma’s gf ♡@RXRlKA no toyota slander— 3 mins ago
Arakan WinArakan WinRT @Rakhine55572995: November 14, 2014 a commemoration ceremony was held in Sittwe, Rakhine State to mark the 6th anniversary of the death…— 3 mins ago
酸 漿( ほ お ず き )@ オ タ 活 自 粛 中酸 漿( ほ お ず き )@ オ タ 活 自 粛 中RT @event_checker: 12/14(月)プリングルス味の「スーパーカップ」と、スーパカップ味の「プリングルス」登場→— 3 mins ago
Ali CelestinoAli Celestino@AnheuserBusch @budlight So thankful for my friend @Loribear22— 2 mins ago
RoadshowRoadshowAudi, Porsche and Bentley to gain flagship electric vehicle code-named Landjet— 3 mins ago
きぃあきぃあ私なんでかソロにだけさんつけちゃうんだよね……イリヤはイリヤかイリヤちゃん……ょぅι゛ょだからね、しかたないね。— 3 mins ago
VOTE&RT&STREAMINGVOTE&RT&STREAMINGRT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 2 mins ago
ホリ(大喜利第7世代)文化委員ホリ(大喜利第7世代)文化委員@pepsi_doujou1 親に買ったものを自慢する— 3 mins ago
Red NorthRed North@BlueResistExist Pepsi was great in the 70s but it's absolutely dire now.— 3 mins ago
🐍🐍RT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 2 mins ago
Irvan Maulana™Irvan Maulana™The Legend of TOYOTA 🍋 toyota kijang generasi k2 (kijang doyok) KF20 🍐 toyota corrola generasi k2 KE 20 #toyota_id #kijangdoyok #corrolake20 @ Karawang— 3 mins ago
Axel LeyvaAxel LeyvaRT @MLS: RT if your team is still alive in the West! @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs— 3 mins ago
Thỏ Bếu dangyeu🐰🐰🐰Thỏ Bếu dangyeu🐰🐰🐰RT @td_tae: Có khi nào ở trước màu này đằng sau màu kia ko?:)) @BTS_twt— 2 mins ago
kwwa (`・∀・´)kwwa (`・∀・´)ah yes, my family is tempting me with a diet pepsi fucking stupid soda!! it’s like a succubus!— 3 mins ago
UKNOWDUMBWHENUCITUKNOWDUMBWHENUCITY’all run y’all mouths too much !— 2 mins ago
RJRJRT @gmsharmanz: @MichaelFieldNZ @Gaurav 1) Kia Ora Michael, I speak multiple Indian languages and wanted to choose a language that would re…— 2 mins ago
Sabrina (Ellen Mint)Sabrina (Ellen Mint)@ProfessorSnack The University also has a deal with Pepsi so it’s around all the time.— 3 mins ago
javiervegaplatasjaviervegaplatasRT @MotorRacing_Mx: Hyundai revela su nuevo modelo Elantra N como modelo de alto rendimiento del sedán compacto de séptima generación. @Hyu— 3 mins ago
スペウィスペウィ@pepsi_doujou1 募金— 2 mins ago
𝗠𝗶𝗸𝗲 🐝𝗠𝗶𝗸𝗲 🐝Balls. I've had the Night Court theme as my ringback tone for the last 10 or 12 years. Everybody got a kick out of it, and it was often an instant conversation starter with potential new employers. Verizon finally did away with them this month. 😕 It was a good run.— 3 mins ago
KWANG91sKWANG91sRT @rubyjennp: เล่นใหญ่อยู่นะ Pepsi ตรงทางออกบีทีเอสเป็นรูปเมมเบอร์เดี่ยวๆเลย พิกัดสถานีพร้อมพงษ์— 3 mins ago
🌂うに🖤🔛 🤍カレンダー企画🌂うに🖤🔛 🤍カレンダー企画RT @event_checker: 12/14(月)プリングルス味の「スーパーカップ」と、スーパカップ味の「プリングルス」登場→— 3 mins ago
Bosslogan_usaBosslogan_usa@nbc @Verizon @mariolopezviva Shut this down scumbags. Lookin like a real super spreader here— 3 mins ago
grfrnd lucasgrfrnd lucas@melodiouscan Loh kia? Semoga tenang disanaaaa ,sedih bgt 😭😭— 3 mins ago
😆進次郎放送局😆😆進次郎放送局😆@pepsi_doujou1 赤い羽根募金の少年のポケットに1万円入れ、残りは全部箱に入れる— 2 mins ago
Ali CelestinoAli CelestinoRT @AnheuserBusch: This is how we’re getting ready for #Thanksgiving! Head to the comments and tag someone you’re thankful for...we might s…— 3 mins ago
⁰³²⁷ ลิซ่ามาลง lilifilmให้กันได้ไหม⁰³²⁷ ลิซ่ามาลง lilifilmให้กันได้ไหมRT @iblinkforblinkz: Pepsi Thailand update with BLACKPINK Pepsi can "อยากรู้แล้วใช่มั้ยว่าดีไซน์ต่อไปคือใคร😁 รีบทวีต #NewPepsiBLACKPINK ใ…— 3 mins ago
nanaRT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 3 mins ago
MajorMajor@mysteriadc Pepsi my favorite 😋— 3 mins ago
クラフトさん@収穫の秋クラフトさん@収穫の秋@pepsi_doujou1 社長さん銀行に預ける。— 3 mins ago
LEMSALEMSA@AshleyGWinter Christina Aguilera and her tiny little waist—shakira shaking those hips—Brittany and that Pepsi commercial— I feel ya!!— 3 mins ago
𝓐𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓪🖤𝓐𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓪🖤Doesn't not exist tumne kya kia ????uske insta comments mei jaake use bash kia Yaad hai yaad dilau?jab sare big handlers taane deke aaye the Jaab jaab tumhe laga ki tumhari ship dub rahi hai tumne kisko gaaliyan di ??sana ko di ? Nhi jisne gaaliyan kaahye voh tha SIDHARTH SHUKLA— 2 mins ago
Ah-nah-stah-see-ahAh-nah-stah-see-ahDrinking a Bud Light & Clamato Chelada Mango by @AnheuserBusch @ Untappd at Home —— 3 mins ago
しゃふとしゃふとRAV4がベースかぁ RAV4も所詮なんちゃってSUVだしガワ変更しても大した問題じゃないのかもね— 3 mins ago
Ali CelestinoAli Celestino@AnheuserBusch @budlight So thankful for my friend @Loribear22— 2 mins ago
UKNOWDUMBWHENUCITUKNOWDUMBWHENUCIT@MuthaDivine I made a complaint should follow up with me Friday— 3 mins ago
pepsipepsi@TThibigames Awesome! How did you do that? :o— 3 mins ago
やぎちゃんやぎちゃんRT @Yoshi_MUROYA: 今週末、#富士スピードウェイ で行われる #SUPERGT 最終戦の決勝日 11/29(日)10:40頃~ SUPER GT参戦自動車メーカーとの フライトパフォーマンス YouTubeライブ配信もあります! 今年最後のフライトでもあり…— 3 mins ago
Sandip HalderSandip Halder@ThePushpendra_ 😏 Bakhri kia jane khud ki aukat.. . !!— 3 mins ago
やみのたらこ🐾やみのたらこ🐾@kinsure_ そうなん!? 色々あったんかな?🥺 ずねちゃんお疲れ様🙌— 3 mins ago
Cheryl HoriCheryl HoriI have a 100 year-old grandmother who has been in and out of the hospital and due to COVID no one has been allowed to visit her. If after 10 years with @ATT, you can't help me properly set up a new line so I can contact my grandmother, the next 10 years will be with @Verizon.— 2 mins ago
Sexxx PueblaSexxx PueblaRT @marz_eliza: ANDREA disponible zona:PEPSI— 3 mins ago
カミュカミュ@pepsi_doujou1 差し押さえ— 2 mins ago
lil meow meowlil meow meowRT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 3 mins ago
さんおつさんおつRT @event_checker: 12/14(月)プリングルス味の「スーパーカップ」と、スーパカップ味の「プリングルス」登場→— 3 mins ago
似て蝶🦋似て蝶🦋@pepsi_doujou1 amazonでマイクロビキニを買う— 3 mins ago
Mayoongi 🌸🦋Mayoongi 🌸🦋RT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 3 mins ago
Nowhere man@博多持株会猫会長™️MAKE福岡よかろうもん😉AGAIN💯🈵Nowhere man@博多持株会猫会長™️MAKE福岡よかろうもん😉AGAIN💯🈵【光岡 バディ】トヨタRAV4がベース、アメリカンSUVらしい直線的デザインを表現(レスポンス) #博多持株会 とです。— 3 mins ago
ایکسٹوایکسٹوRT @mujeebkhosa78: @iamx2faraz @SiddiquiMarwah @jazzpk @aamir_ibrahim01 @head_of_toys Kuch der pehle complaint kia... Us k bad network band…— 3 mins ago
TJ: A Mike Flanagan SpookyTJ: A Mike Flanagan Spooky@jbswillard @NFLFantasy @Vikings @Verizon Cant wait to see what he does with *checks notes* Branden Allen— 3 mins ago
ᴮᴱ⟭⟬방탄소년단⟬⟭⁷ᴮᴱ⟭⟬방탄소년단⟬⟭⁷RT @Hyundai_Global: #BTS hope to see more electric cars in our future. Together we present #IONIQ, our new line-up of electric vehicles.…— 3 mins ago
GRAMMY NOMINATED ARTISTS BTSGRAMMY NOMINATED ARTISTS BTSwhat if i join bumble and tell ppl there to stream BE 🤨— 3 mins ago
Vantete💜- 𝑃𝑟𝑜𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑒¹³Vantete💜- 𝑃𝑟𝑜𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑒¹³RT @Hyundai_Global: For the launch of IONIQ, #BTS have taken over our channels to creatively explore what it means to take charge.​ #IONIQ…— 3 mins ago
Kryt; Keep On RockingKryt; Keep On RockingRT @eggcheff: #HadesGame hypnos and zagreus discover cool ranch doritos— 3 mins ago
L!na de luto por Riki FortL!na de luto por Riki FortRT @anuwusz: Tener pareja está sobrevalorado— 3 mins ago
Rino khanRino khan@AajKamranKhan Sabak kia hey?— 2 mins ago
Abril🌙Abril🌙RT @KarenFelix95: Mujeres de Sanra! Tengan cuidado que anda un pajerito en una Toyota hilux (patente msm020) color beige persiguiendo y sac…— 2 mins ago
Colgate Man 91Colgate Man 91@TheLilWestern Same— 3 mins ago
anêmonaanêmonaDepois de sla 7 meses sem tomar refri hj me deu uma puta vontade de tomar pepsi, aí tomei 600 ml em 2 minutos Eh esse o tt— 3 mins ago
Esther BalanzaEsther BalanzaRT @ford_kaydee: @bernardokath @pepsiphl I LOVE YOU 💙🖤 KathNiel Loves Christmas Pepsi Christmas With KathNiel #PepsiLovesChristmas #StillL…— 3 mins ago
Paulina✨Paulina✨No puede ser que no le gusten los Doritos tan lindo y tan puto— 3 mins ago
Madres Of Marvelous StarsMadres Of Marvelous Stars@MichelobULTRA Slow walking, stretching, water #TeamUltra #sweepstakes— 3 mins ago
きあきあ@Heylaw21 おあぁなんだか肉付きも良くなって…!! 相変わらずのむっすり可愛いです!— 3 mins ago
チョイタロウチョイタロウ@pepsi_doujou1 うまい棒大人買い— 3 mins ago
johanjohan@_PEPSI_2 jakskskks re violenta en cualquier momento hacía volar a la otra— 2 mins ago
Les A. Penn IILes A. Penn II@coachcdoug @WallyCummins @Doritos Ohhhh... look at that beauty! 🤩— 3 mins ago
SaaniakSaaniakRT @Singhh_riya: Good Epi 😎 #Sairat now Husband n Wife❤️ #Vitthal was on 🔥 #Virat kia Thapar mara👏 #Bhabhi ji ka dimag kharab hai ✋😒…— 3 mins ago
Gui PradellaGui Pradella00h40. A fome de devorar tudo o que tem na casa chegou. Abri um pote de Pringles . Que minha gastrite tenha compaixão.— 3 mins ago
lutuf Bhuttolutuf Bhutto@sakhtLondii Waah kia jawabi hamla h👍— 3 mins ago
黒犬(ブラックドッグ)黒犬(ブラックドッグ)RT @akb48serika: 明日スタジオ生出演します☺️💓 #拡散希望— 3 mins ago
ViteshViteshRT @esportsawards: The Esports Awards Streamer of the Year Presented by Lexus results: 1st: @IbaiLlanos 2nd: @Mortal04907880 3rd: @Gaule— 3 mins ago
けんけん@pepsi_doujou1 フェラーリ貯金— 3 mins ago
The Pepsi CurseThe Pepsi Curse@chuckwick8227 @newsmax Did you get the GED and the haircut from the same place?— 3 mins ago
KatelynKatelynUpdate: I made a bumble, matched with someone, got anxious and closed the app lmfao— 3 mins ago
Vivek SinghVivek Singh@hansvestberg @VZWSupport @verizon @PblctyNghtmr @Axios @ChristyPVz @EricssonAcademy @jergo @RonanDunneVZ @ericsson for my other two number your system don't generate any error but for the new number it got some issue what the fuck going on ass hole CEO— 3 mins ago
食い倒れてるやん食い倒れてるやん@pepsi_doujou1 コンビニで釣り銭を募金する。 そして、ちょっと大人な気分を味わう。— 2 mins ago
Chris StansellChris Stansell@usopengolf @Lexus @golfinyourstate What if I said I was best friends with the last winner of the US Open at Oakmont?— 3 mins ago
Hamza AliHamza Ali@pu_lhr_official Pharmacy mphil admissions ka Kia kia?— 3 mins ago
Joey MiettinenJoey Miettinen@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop give me it plz— 3 mins ago
Mr. LonelyMr. LonelyMDS, ELA PREFERE PEPSI DO QUE COCA. Que tristeza meu pai, que decepção😩— 3 mins ago
pagan raimipagan raimi@SimBreezay @MATomback @MsQueen03 @danmorr69216121 @JosephNSanberg @AOC The CEO of Verizon took home a 4 million dollar BONUS on top of his salary the Administrator of a hospital in Houston TX took home a 2 million dollar BONUS on top of his salary Instead of that money being placed back into the company or the hospital to increase services— 3 mins ago
KTSPKTSP@colgate_man_91 yep— 3 mins ago
cansucansupringles istiyom🥺— 3 mins ago
Lucky直売所Lucky直売所@pepsi_doujou1 なんとなくガチャガチャやっちゃう— 2 mins ago
UKNOWDUMBWHENUCITUKNOWDUMBWHENUCITRT @MsJah_: I’m not one of those people who constantly needs somebody, I can be alone and depend on myself and still be happy.— 3 mins ago
宿り木心@ドスべり坂46宿り木心@ドスべり坂46@pepsi_doujou1 チンコを電動式に改造する— 3 mins ago
Venzen Dwayne At Home 🏘️ #StayAtHome 🏡Venzen Dwayne At Home 🏘️ #StayAtHome 🏡RT @NFL: The @titans were mic’d up for their OT victory in Week 11 🗣 (by @MichelobULTRA)— 3 mins ago
肉壁担当〆烏丸肉壁担当〆烏丸国産車で最も美しい (当社調べ) 『 LEXUS LC500 』 に酷似したモデルが実装されたので LEXUSファンとして全力の110連でお迎えに上がります🥺🥺🥺 動画撮って引こ… 見てよこのおちり!! プリプリのおちり!!🍑🍑🍑 #LEXUS #荒野行動— 3 mins ago
ひいとはに【停学・風紀委員】😎ひいとはに【停学・風紀委員】😎@pepsi_doujou1 女の子にお札で引っ叩いてもらう— 2 mins ago