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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing

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Lu 🇪🇪Lu 🇪🇪mãe - fui no mercado e comprei uma coisa q tu gosta meu pensamento: poxa, que anjo, deve ter comprado um doritos realidade:— 1 min ago
Assistenza ClientiAssistenza ClientiCommenti su Hyundai di Fortunato giuseppe— 1 min ago
AndyAndyIf you in anyway drive a Volkswagen or Audi you are a NAZI, Hitler promotes these companies so if you drive them you support hitler. YOU FUCKING NAZI— 1 min ago
Tim HegartyTim HegartyRT @Tommy6Rings: 5× Pro Bowler. 4× First-team All-Pro. 7× NFL Top 100. 2014 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. 2011 NFL receiving touchd…— 1 min ago
Amanda CloseAmanda CloseNope this is so incorrect. Quavers and monster munch should be least 2nd tier and plain Pringles shouldn’t even be on it— 1 min ago
justMejustMeRT @taearchives: lil bumble bee 🐝✨— 1 min ago
LUMILUMIHabía doritos para cenar y terminé cenando lechuga.— 1 min ago
johnny rottenjohnny rottenVerizon suspends worker who rescued cat As he should have been!— 1 min ago
WEST2024WEST2024Yo the extra hot chili and lime pringles are the best pringles flavor. Ever.— 1 min ago
lourdeslourdesRT @cancu7_: • Ir a la UBA está bien • Ir a la UADE está bien Sabes que está mal? Pedirse menta granizada cuando vas a una heladería, aca…— 1 min ago
SymoneAndKayla 🏳️‍🌈SymoneAndKayla 🏳️‍🌈RT @Lexus: A classic sneaker takes a new shape. Lexus and @johnelliottco debuted concept tires inspired by the iconic John Elliott x Nike A…— 1 min ago
tusaltostusaltosVendo SEGURO de RINES Seguros o Tuercas de Seguridad para Rines para Chevrolet Aveo, Optra, Epica, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla , Yaris, interesados por el 0414-1639369 CG-022— 1 min ago
EIN Pepsi-Cola NewsEIN Pepsi-Cola NewsLocal artist says Pepsi distributor ripped off his design for 'nearly identical' product— 1 min ago
daily~daily~RT @withLove_Jehoon: 190324 KIA 타이거즈 2019 시즌 오프닝 시리즈 시구 #kia #기아타이거즈 #갸제훈 #이제훈 #챔피언스필드 #시구 야구부 예쁜 선배.. ⚾️— 1 min ago
JennJennRT @NoPuesGuau__: Una vez corte con una novia porque empecé a andar con otra vieja, después de un tiempo ella se casó con un wey con el que…— 1 min ago
ًًRT @taearchives: lil bumble bee 🐝✨— 1 min ago
Sergio SeguraSergio Segura@fchinchot con ninguno dork apuesto que tu eres de los que ve el superbowl nada mas para ver los comerciales 🤦🏻‍♂️— 1 min ago
‏ً‏ً*approaches the 2020 toyota gr supra* *absorbs it* *it is gone*— 1 min ago
Jim 🍀Jim 🍀RT @bangtanmighty: El impacto de @BTS_twt es a otro nivel, colaboran con Hyundai y se vende más que la competencia, con Mattel suben las ac…— 1 min ago
shawnmichaelshawnmichaelRT @MercedesBenz: The family sports car 👪🏎 #MercedesAMG #GT More: [Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+ 4-Türer Coupé | Kr…— 1 min ago
Andre WilkinsonAndre WilkinsonVintage 1980s Red Coleman Cooler w/ Handle Pepsi Pizza Hut Relief Pitcher Retro— 1 min ago
Team InfographicsTeam InfographicsRT @DallasStars: Dallas is dominating. All that work in the first period paid off for the Stars in the second period. #GoStars | @Lexus h…— 1 min ago
ChelseaChelsea@verizon You suspended your worker for 3 weeks without pay for rescuing that poor cat. Shame on you, make this right!— 1 min ago
ChrisChrisRT @NBCSCubs: It's not too early for bullpen dances, right? #AuthenticFan (@KIA)— 1 min ago
アレックス・カッターアレックス・カッターTOYOTAなんかどうせクソ車だろうが— 1 min ago
Mark PikemasterMark PikemasterMarch 25, 2019 at 10:00PM SuperBowl 50 is February 7th 2016 at Levi Stadium— 1 min ago
Beth's Treasure Hunts!Beth's Treasure Hunts!RT @BethPaintings: Check out Miller Lite Super Bowl Party 2008 Hat Baseball Cap Adjustable mesh back #ACME #Party v…— 1 min ago
ActionNewsJaxActionNewsJaxRT @bridgetteANjax: This is Summer Black, she was killed in a hit and run crash Sunday. JSO announced Monday afternoon they are searching…— 1 min ago
AutodeftAutodeftชมทริปของอร่อยๆ #StreetFood ชื่อดังในย่านเยาวราชกับอเนกประสงค์หรูพรีเมี่ยม #MercedesBenzGLC กับทริป #TheGLCTheUltimateTasteDrive #MercedesBenz #ทัวร์กินแหลกกับนายเต้ย #AUTODEFT— 2 mins ago
AColoredWingsAColoredWingsRT @ryansbergara: Doin a MEET & GREET! Join me at the #ToyotaCARnival this Saturday 3/30 in Little Tokyo at 6:00PM! More info here https://…— 1 min ago
Khadijah👸🏾Khadijah👸🏾@pepsi @TOMFORD & @FashionNova should be ashame of themselves for working with such a disgusting person. #SurvivingCardiB— 1 min ago
BamaBamaI say halftime show at next Super Bowl should be Firing Squads !— 1 min ago
soff🎹🐳soff🎹🐳RT @bangtanmighty: El impacto de @BTS_twt es a otro nivel, colaboran con Hyundai y se vende más que la competencia, con Mattel suben las ac…— 1 min ago
Sarah essoofSarah essoofthis is bollocks! Doritos are NOT a British favourite surely?? where are DISCO'S?— 1 min ago
thotiana 💋thotiana 💋ofcourse i need this validation from my bebe (na hindi ko talaga bebe but bc we matched on bumble so i consider him my bebe ok) 😋— 1 min ago
Erik FonsecaErik FonsecaRT @ferbelaunzaran: -Los abucheos a los gobernadores son expresión espontánea de la gente contra quien los ha traicionado. Tres doritos de…— 1 min ago
Ruso 🇷🇺Ruso 🇷🇺RT @MercedesBenz: The family sports car 👪🏎 #MercedesAMG #GT More: [Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+ 4-Türer Coupé | Kr…— 1 min ago
Miss Elliot, OJ, & their hoomin Bastet🐾Miss Elliot, OJ, & their hoomin Bastet🐾RT @LorenzoTheCat: He rescued a cat and then got fired for it. Hey @Verizon, shame on you!— 1 min ago
jariahjariah@favgaal_kia no it sounds like takis— 1 min ago
Barbara Fick-KlockeBarbara Fick-Klocke@JNelsonRN @verizon This is the way Verizon treats cats? Wonder how Verizon treats people!!!— 1 min ago
E RE RBro te sientes la última coca del desierto y ni a pepsi llegas(:— 2 mins ago
PEPSIPEPSIあとで妖精解説動画を探してみよう— 1 min ago
Daniel.VincentDaniel.VincentRT @m_xalher: “TESLA BIGGEST”. Model 3 mania continues! 🇳🇴❤️🔥 ⁦@Tesla⁩ now Norway’s *largest car brand* with 14.8% market share (before VW,…— 1 min ago
Matthew SapienzaMatthew SapienzaRT @WTP_BDiehards: 3× super bowl champion 5× pro bowler 7,861 receiving yards 521 receptions 79 receiving TD's Greatest TE ever https://t…— 1 min ago
Bella 🇵🇭🇮🇹Bella 🇵🇭🇮🇹RT @charlieputh: I want a ‘98 Lexus LX with a tan interior blasting Skys The Limit by Biggie. Sunroof open, driving to the Yankee game.— 1 min ago
onちゃんonちゃん@toyota_kanami 花粉は辛いよねー 俺は今年は大丈夫みたいだ!— 2 mins ago
иιςσℓє ღиιςσℓє ღRT @bangtanmighty: El impacto de @BTS_twt es a otro nivel, colaboran con Hyundai y se vende más que la competencia, con Mattel suben las ac…— 1 min ago
Michael DMichael D@TheOracle201823 @verizon @VerizonSupport I have no idea but I like their service overall even though it costs a small fortune. If it’s true I have no idea why they would suspend this employee for an animal rescue.— 1 min ago
Britt BrattBritt BrattNah. I’m just a lazy bitch and forget that my bumble matches would disappear if I didn’t say anything first and the pressure really got to me.— 1 min ago
Smirking DSmirking D@LovelyGaiNazi @trollolololol21 I learned some ramen recipes in jail and make them to this day. You can't go wrong with crushed doritos and processed cheese!— 1 min ago
ZZAntoni literally said his friends brought risotto to college potlucks. Sis W H A T, pass the Doritos and bean dip right now.— 1 min ago
Susie OxenhamSusie OxenhamRT @CBSNews: NO GOOD DEED: A Verizon worker rescued a cat stuck on a utility pole — and the company suspended him without pay. Now, people…— 1 min ago
madmadRT @BillRatchet: u ever be high as shit in the Toyota Prius— 1 min ago
Hugo LópezHugo LópezRT @piliiihernandez: Me robaron el auto BLCP 86 hyundai Elantra por favor compartir!!!— 1 min ago
NursingFor.meNursingFor.meKia Nurse stealing spotlight from Oilers brother— 1 min ago
Setyani Devi SurantaSetyani Devi SurantaRT @taearchives: lil bumble bee 🐝✨— 1 min ago
Mrs Tea CakeMrs Tea CakeWhat a damn shame and HE PROBABLY WORK HARDER THAN THE ASSHOLES THAT MADE A UNANIMOUS DECISON TO SUSPEND HIM #verizon you really know how to disappoint in every way— 1 min ago
Animals in Need UKAnimals in Need UKWould you all plz retweet & help us find poor Pepsi a home. This handsome sleek 7 yr old boy has been waiting in our cattery for 8 long mths His previous family got a new puppy &no longer wanted him😞 Pepsi would love a quiet home away from busy Rds with older sensible children— 1 min ago
Omar VázquezOmar Vázquez@mryeho 3 doritos después* AMLO anuncia cancelación de los bonos verdes, considera que se deberían de llamar bonos tricolor— 1 min ago
ًˢᵘᵍᵃًˢᵘᵍᵃRT @taearchives: lil bumble bee 🐝✨— 2 mins ago
kee-uh 🥵kee-uh 🥵@jariahcole see i’d rather that then some damn tequila💀— 1 min ago
Sxm1rxhSxm1rxhSumpah adik aku pernah celup kentang dalam air pepsi. Dia kata sedap hm 😟😟😟 mind-blowing— 1 min ago
دعاء البستكيدعاء البستكي@audisouthafrica I never knew how to pronounce ‘Audi’ correctly until you presented your design 6 project @nedzzzzz— 1 min ago
TAXITAXIThe capital “H” is more than just a letter— 1 min ago
catz@🚑🚑🚑😷🦅💚💚💚💚🦅🦅catz@🚑🚑🚑😷🦅💚💚💚💚🦅🦅RT @MichelobULTRA: For the next game, enjoy our organic twists on your classic party favorites. Try our Loaded Organic Sweet Potato Skins…— 1 min ago
ShawnaShawnaRT @kthtwilight: Pepsi is in fact better than coke send tweet— 1 min ago
MCFATTYMCFATTYRT @ballerguy: @abbygov We matched on tinder, I ghosted him, and then we rematched on bumble so I’m not sure what the story is here— 1 min ago
CHIENDUNCANCHIENDUNCANRT @XposeTrophyHunt: Pennsylvania: A Verizon worker was suspended from his job for rescuing a cat which was stranded on top of a telephone…— 1 min ago
Sebastian VarelaSebastian Varela@gabosalazar21 Audi. te falta A1, A6, A7, A8. Contando RS BMW Serie 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 Infiniti Q70, QX80 Acura NSX Mercedes Clase A, E, S, GLS, GLE, GLA— 2 mins ago
ᴀʟᴅiᴀʟᴅiquiero coca y doritos— 1 min ago
mikeymikey@bryan72216 Nah I wish it was a grey Toyota Tacoma little truck with a camper shell— 1 min ago
Jack K.Jack K.@phudsonnews @Dyvincii @investorsdomain Verizon 8800 4g lte. My on the go, kids to school, drive to work, and work firewall, I used my cell, now laptop and hotspot. Phone still to easy in AM rush or in parking lot at kids school, but safe bet is mifi card and laptop. Super fast speeds if 4g lte isn't saturated by users— 1 min ago
diプランニング 加須diプランニング 加須🌟予約受付中🌟 トヨタ 新型 #クラウン 220系【 #ドアバイザー】 4月上旬頃入荷予定です。 ご予約お待ちしております😀 #トヨタ #toyota #新型 #春らしい #パトカー #バイザー #カーマット #通販 #車好き— 1 min ago
David EricksonDavid EricksonVerizon Set To Offer Free Robocall Blocking App, New Tech To Combat Spam -- AT&T, Comcast Too— 2 mins ago
김선빈 봇김선빈 봇[네이버] 스포츠 : 김선빈 "'무등 메시'는 끊임없이 분발한다" [광주일보] 김선빈 '성장통' (2012년도 기사입니다)— 1 min ago
Kushwah RamanKushwah RamanNews wale apne aap ko samjte kia h? #chutiyapa— 1 min ago
MaKayla Reese WessonMaKayla Reese WessonRT @DallasStars: Dallas is dominating. All that work in the first period paid off for the Stars in the second period. #GoStars | @Lexus h…— 1 min ago
clemzclemzi was talking to jess the other night and i was telling her how lit this summer is going to be for us bc we’re both single pringles and the girl said, “nah you said that last year and you got yourself a boyfriend and left me all alone” 😩😂— 1 min ago
Sportsday CentralSportsday CentralTOP 7 | Another weekend slides by us, so Badge and Satts will look back on 7 big moments from it! For @kiaaustralia as always!— 1 min ago
MuzaffarMuzaffarMashaAllah, Saima beti sehat key sath khush raho or aqal or samajh ki batain loogoon tuk pahonchahti raho. Mulla sara zoor Huqooq Allah per detey hain jubkey Huqooq ul Ibad ka ziker Quran kay 83% mein bayan kia gaya hai. Isam ko khof or laluch sey hi dimagoon mein bhar dia hai— 1 min ago
Michelle Branch StanMichelle Branch Stan@pissboymcgee Back off my King, he will be leading my football team to a Super Bowl— 1 min ago
Gerald NelsonGerald Nelson@AWM81 @buggyb187 @JFowlerESPN Maybe Cowher should've won more than 1 Super Bowl then.— 2 mins ago
Syedamazing👑Syedamazing👑@Arsalanmangi3 M pagl hn na apny follow nh kia fazool m krny bth jau aur dua kisi lalach sy nh ki jati asi dua ap khd k liye kr lain— 1 min ago
Andrew KingsAndrew Kings@MacaPR @SilviaDeMaio Jajaja el audi 0km, estas chetitas que dicen marchar por las mas humildes y lo unico que quieren es cojer sin forro y cuando se embarazan papi no tenga que hacerla zafar a escondidas corriendo el riesgo de hacer un papelon si llega a salir a la luz— 1 min ago
🌻🌻RT @taearchives: lil bumble bee 🐝✨— 2 mins ago
U are ugly but IU are ugly but IMeri sadgi dekh men kia chahta hun 😍— 1 min ago
キア・ジェガジェガキア・ジェガジェガにくはにがてだ…。(="=)— 1 min ago
Shazi KhokharShazi Khokhar@PJkanojia @AshirAhmed_ @ImranKhanPTI Kahan shift kren Sir "Intarkatka" chaly gain kia☺— 1 min ago
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzThe family sports car 👪🏎 #MercedesAMG #GT More: [Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+ 4-Türer Coupé | Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 11,2–11,1 l/100 km | CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 256–252 g/km | 📸 via Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter— 1 min ago
Name Cannot Be BlankName Cannot Be BlankI fueled-up my Kia Forte, 37.5 MPG. #fuelly— 1 min ago
RedZone ItaliaRedZone ItaliaRT @RapSheet: The opening game of the 2019 season will be #Packers at #Bears, per NFL Media Executive VP and COO Hans Schroeder. Meanwhile,…— 1 min ago
Missy ThomasMissy ThomasRT @ws_softball: The Bears defeat Libertyville 13-0 in 5innings. Megan Hagge struck out 10 & @nicoleschrkr ,@AynslieFurbush , @Kennedigaton— 1 min ago