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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing

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Created in 2004, SpotBowl is one of the nation’s first and largest Super Bowl advertising polls. In 2018, SpotBowl received votes from ad fans in all 50 U.S. states and several countries around the world.

Fans can vote during or after the game and can view up-to-the-minute results after each voting session. Polls close on Monday, February 4, at Noon EST. The site also features a SpotBlog, videos, and a sneak peek at the advertising lineup for this year’s game.


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Pavone Marketing Group (PMG) is a marketing and research group comprised of Pavone (consumer & business-to-business marketing), quench (food & beverage marketing), Varsity (senior & retirement living marketing), Leap (marketing research & innovation) and WildFig (data analytics & analyzation). For questions about PMG, or to find out how PMG and its companies can help your brand, contact Michael Pavone at

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Pavone creates award-winning consumer and business-to-business marketing campaigns using a combination of insights, ideas, creative execution and digital technologies. The 25-year-old agency drives results in the financial services, health care, government and retail markets. The agency has deep expertise in traditional and digital advertising, social media, digital marketing, public relations, media planning, branding, research and product innovation strategy.

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quench is focused on helping food & beverage brands capture the attention, aspiration and purchase intent of consumers through fully integrated brand communications and innovation consulting. The agency enables clients to think more creatively, act more effectively and analyze more accurately through a combination of powerful, integrated insights, ideas and innovation.

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Varsity has been serving retirement communities, businesses that serve retirement communities, and brands targeting the mature market, for more than 20 years. With offices in Pennsylvania, New York and Colorado, Varsity has worked with hundreds of communities nationwide. Its proprietary research has been nationally recognized in both trade and consumer media.

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WildFig is a data, science and analytics consultancy built on visionary techniques. It offers custom, cutting-edge, scalable solutions for a wide range of verticals, including health care, consumer packaged goods, government, financial services and senior living. In its most basic form, WildFig’s mission is to inform decisions — the decisions that determine success or failure.

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Kendra BoundsKendra Bounds@chefbreezyx @3hunnidnel That's what real seasoning & everything looks like 😍😍 Not no, bland potatoes, corn or shrimp. Definitely not ramen, doritos & a roll.— 1 min ago
JOKERJOKER\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
J WayTron🤗 ❤J WayTron🤗 ❤Tomorrow better be lit like it is in my head RN @mhzwandy its two pringles on sight love. 2 of my fave flavors ❤— 1 min ago
Levi JacksonLevi JacksonRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
メロンに生ハムを添えてメロンに生ハムを添えて\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
まだらねこ(まにゃらねこ)まだらねこ(まにゃらねこ)\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
PersistantPearlPersistantPearlRT @RepublicanSwine: #AMJoy Drink before reading. Or Not. Unreal. Here's our domestic drug cartel. Think any of them will do time? Maybe…— 1 min ago
Intezar786Intezar786@Pighla_londa Wah yar Kia baat bol de TmNy 😂😂— 1 min ago
BedsiderBedsiderWould you take a job as a professional globe-trotting dater?— 1 min ago
AMCI GlobalAMCI GlobalVIDEO: Watching this @Toyota Starlet hillclimb reminds us our own beloved #24HoursOfLemons ready Starlet — just louder and pushing 11,000 RPMs. Headphones on for this one.— 1 min ago
歩くポメラニアン歩くポメラニアン\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Verizon SupportVerizon Support@TestPunitAccoun Please confirm any outages in your area, please visit and sign in with your FiOS credentials ^DGR— 1 min ago
frankcvnt51michelin🌟frankcvnt51michelin🌟this bumble bee is pissed on lavender nectar typical male 😂😂😂😂😂😂— 1 min ago
♥︎♥︎@artdoyum pringles eh nojento.— 1 min ago
KU KIAI MAUNA!KU KIAI MAUNA!RT @waiala_kahele: Please share: Aunty Pua Case has put out a kahea that all Mauna Kiaʻi please come to gather now with the Lāhui at Mauna…— 1 min ago
KIACARTAGENAKIACARTAGENACulminamos por todo lo alto, acércate a nuestra vitrina, tenemos todo para que estrenes tu Kamioneta, hasta un 100% de financiación, no es cuento! visitanos. #cartagena #kamionetas #kia #tonic #sorento #sportage #ThePowerToSurprise— 1 min ago
Joe CasarezJoe CasarezThanks Buster and Toyota!— 1 min ago
Peter ShawPeter ShawRT @ianwalker: Recently I cycled past the Audi factory near Karlsruhe. One of these massive electric Audis swooped imperiously past me. M…— 1 min ago
いわし梅大葉フライいわし梅大葉フライ\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
hashish.hashish.Mai safar krta hoo, sbb safar krtay hai. Mai basar krta hoo, ye bhi basar krtay hai. Soch se shoro kia tha, krdi kahani mukammal. Kia ye sirf mai hi krta hoo, ya ye bhi sbb krtay hai.— 1 min ago
Jae JFBJae JFBRajpoot_ik MunnaG79 Ajayengy Inshaa Allah abi sir ki umar hi kia ha— 1 min ago
xami🦕xami🦕me: what kinda Doritos u eating Brad: blue— 1 min ago
BillyBillyi refuse to believe White Chocolate Pepermint Pringles exist.— 1 min ago
Kia PanamáKia PanamáEl nuevo integrante de la familia Kia está aquí, más urbano y estilizado que nunca. Eficiente, conveniente y seguro… ¡Así es tu #Soluto! #KiaPanamá #Sedan— 1 min ago
Michael DudaMichael DudaCongratulations to Michelle and her man on the New 2018 Kia Sorento V6 AWD! #zippidy #kia #kiasorento #russdarrowkiawauwatosa @ Russ Darrow Kia of Wauwatosa— 1 min ago
SwinSwin@georgeg147 Whole of the Barcelona team given any Audi of there choice for free, and now Audi are back pedalling and the Barca players are refusing to give them back!— 1 min ago
Jon PittsJon PittsRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
©SHERRY◔◡◔©SHERRY◔◡◔@affresham Atele atele meleko mish bh nai kia :(— 1 min ago
D&S Vending, Inc.D&S Vending, Inc.Never leave the planet without your favorite drink! #Pepsi 🌚🌠👽 #MoonLanding #MoonDay— 1 min ago
Joshua PaulsenJoshua PaulsenRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
ismail masom yarismail masom yar@Shahid_shono Wawawa Kia baatt heeee— 1 min ago
☆Roto☆☆Roto☆\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Sed Nibbi 😿Sed Nibbi 😿@umerwaseem99 Kia gnd hy isme??— 1 min ago
DayanandDayanand@Mirhay_hun Nhahahahahahaah waqt pe to sb ko jana qabar me tme b jana h haaye wo b Kia waqt hoga jb saara ghamand toot Jae ga or qabar me utaare jaege— 1 min ago
OkoLuzeOkoLuze\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Mason DykyMason DykyRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
kahraman haliscelikkahraman haliscelikRT @TK_TR: ✈ Kafkasya’nın en eski şehirlerinden, hikayelere konu olan Gence’nin lezzetli mutfağı, ilginç yapıları ve dingin doğasını keşfed…— 1 min ago
T-motive🗣T-motive🗣@tcotaya1 Bro 😭😭 then peep the fucking 5 Doritos ☠️— 1 min ago
ًً@junheevil mas obvio q eu gosto de pringles?— 1 min ago
ColorsColors@Badg3rmanTTV The more you know 😱 I googled my question & apparently Toyota held a voting campaign for this and allowed the public to select the plural version of Prius 😂— 1 min ago
ReeceReeceRT @douglasIuiz: Tyrone mings as Pringles a Thread:— 1 min ago
じんこ(おここ)@HollowPoint🌸じんこ(おここ)@HollowPoint🌸\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Medved AutoplexMedved AutoplexCheck out this amazing deal we have on the 2019 Kia Niro LX! Click here for more details:— 1 min ago
miyah ⚡️miyah ⚡️Drive a big body got a new Audi !— 1 min ago
jmapljmaplRT @MaddowBlog: “Keep ’em comin’!” Cochrane responded. “Flyin’ out of there. It’s like people are addicted to these things or something. Oh…— 1 min ago
くろいぬねこくろいぬねこ\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
🤐🤐Shit brazy my Verizon phone really don’t lose signal no where— 1 min ago
IngenetIngenetToyota desarrollará un explorador lunar para 2030, y así luce— 1 min ago
ごまごま\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Aquamarine zingAquamarine zing@SHABAZGIL Awww mera shona... swimming krnay ki kia zarorrat thi... Janab Usman Buzdar ko keh dia hota? 4 star rating service?— 1 min ago
MelMelRT @budlight: Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out.— 1 min ago
Jason DuncanJason DuncanThe best Prime Day smart home deals: Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are $25 right now, plus a full list of Monday's deals #primeday #PrimeDayAmazon #amazon— 1 min ago
Carlos DanteCarlos DanteRT @PrensaMatiRossi: 🏁 Muy buen inicio de sábado para @rossimatias en el #STC2000Salta. Con el #Toyota #Corolla @TGR_Arg, dominó el primer…— 1 min ago
もるもる\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Toyota USAToyota USATake the time to register your vehicle online and get access to your account anywhere! Start the process with @ToyotaFinancial now:— 1 min ago
absolute unitabsolute unitRT @elonmusk: Motor Trend awards Tesla Model S best Car of the Year ever in their 70 year history!!— 1 min ago
JacquelineJacquelineRT @lakotalaw: Can't be on the Mauna but want to stand in solidarity with the Kia'i? Here's how you can help #MaunaKea remotely. Hawaii Co…— 1 min ago
PROTECT MAUNA KEAPROTECT MAUNA KEART @_alohaainaoiaio: Are you from Hawaiʻi island? Do you come to mauna during the day & hoʻi home at night? A great way you can help some k…— 1 min ago
Marquesa Su'esu'e✨Marquesa Su'esu'e✨RT @gspomaikai: Mai ka Mauna: please, kia’i across ko Hawai’i Pae ‘Āina, across the world: stay in kapu aloha. we are pro-Mauna. Kapu aloha…— 1 min ago
すえきすえき\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
あへまんん♥❤️あへまんん♥❤️\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のBを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
Oliver Queen🏹Oliver Queen🏹RT @SimSimSim117: @BrownArsenal @HarjotF @amazon That's could be Audi money but 🤷🏾‍♂️— 1 min ago
Thomasville ToyotaThomasville ToyotaKeep your #Toyota running efficiently with an oil change from #ThomasvilleToyota!— 1 min ago
Jeramie OliveiraJeramie Oliveira@mraspinall Depends. Crushed Nacho cheese Doritos are great in soups. Crushed cool ranch are excellent on salads!— 1 min ago
KavakKavak¡Audi A1 Hatch Back S Line 2014 con 52,200 KM, Precio: 239,999.00 en Kavak! Nuestros autos están garantizados #kavak #autosgarantizados #seminuevos #autos #cars #coche #autosseminuevos #audi #audia1— 1 min ago
RJ WoodRJ WoodDrinking a Budweiser by @AnheuserBusch @ Wood House —— 1 min ago
Aaron JohnsonAaron JohnsonRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
RJ WoodRJ WoodDrinking a Budweiser by @AnheuserBusch @ Wood House —— 1 min ago
Ashlee.SAshlee.S@hailnoeric Wrong. So because I have a Lexus I like flash? I drove a beat up car for 13 years and saved my money to buy a used Lexus. And I don’t give a fuck what ppl think. The thing you got right is that I work hard. Be careful how you negatively judge ppl. You don’t know me or my story.— 1 min ago
🐉きんにく💡🍇🐉きんにく💡🍇\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
DJ Kamal MustafaDJ Kamal Mustafa@ramiz06us @MaryamNSharif Karachi main geo news araha hain ab kia karachi se bara city bhi koi hain ? Screenshot bhejo kia?— 1 min ago
uBreakiFix-Southern IllinoisuBreakiFix-Southern IllinoisThough it’s only available in a handful of cities, 5G service has a steep price tag.— 1 min ago
YanaYanaRT @mymixtapez: Bet not touch that PEPSI ❗️😂😂 Who had a momma like this??? Via @85southshow— 1 min ago
MelMelRT @budlight: Area 51 Special Edition. 👽— 1 min ago
mayoosi.mayoosi.Kia bakwas zindagi hai meri, mar bhi nahi sakta banda— 1 min ago
Madame HardyMadame HardyRT @knittingknots: BUSTED: Leaked drug exec emails showed them encouraging opioid abuse to the point people would eat them ‘like Doritos’ –…— 1 min ago
Muhammad TouseefMuhammad Touseef@ShaziaBukhari_ to aap nain retweet kia hi kion?— 1 min ago
Hyundai PanamáHyundai PanamáMita y mita todos ganan... ¡Mita y mita te conviene! Ven y aprovecha que estamos de feria en todas nuestras sucursales y con solo 5% de abono y te llevas el #Hyundai Accent Solaris, el otro 5% lo paga Petroautos.— 1 min ago
ChuiPasBourréChuiPasBourréToyota prdésente uhe navette électrique non, c'est pas moi qui vai dormir avrc toi !— 1 min ago
SYLOK, THE DEFILEDSYLOK, THE DEFILED@RichardHaick @nerdybirdybass @Sea1kay @TitaniaMcGrath @rickygervais Yes its a good analogy. Tesla mechanics only have equipment to do teslas, not toyota. The beauticians only have equipment to do female, not male genitalia.— 1 min ago
LaShawn M.LaShawn M.@iamcardib if the @NFL ask you to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime. Would you do it???— 1 min ago
NadeemNadeem@kashaffarooq2 Kia kro gi sun kr purne song— 1 min ago
ємαи кнαиємαи кнαи@Rajpoot_ik @MunnaG79 Ajayengy Inshaa Allah abi sir ki umar hi kia ha— 1 min ago
今月禁酒カド@もに屋今月禁酒カド@もに屋\ #本田とカードバトル / #私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時start 】— 1 min ago
TAEVision TechnologyTAEVision TechnologySun, July 21 📰 TAEVision #3D #Mechanical #Design #Parts #EngineParts #Elring #Gaskets #Agriculture #Tractor #Automotive #Fashion #Jeep #Wrangler #MercedesBenz #SLS #AMG #XClass #Pickup The Metal Muncher Weekly ▸ @KMetalMuncher Kalamazoo Metal Muncher— 1 min ago
obsessed SR..💕obsessed SR..💕idk who Doritos those was but I fucked those shits up w— 1 min ago
TT@MercedesBenzUSA @MercedesBenz @MercedesAMG press cars pop and crackle but customer cars are toned down and muted. Don't blame OPF since it's happening all over the world.— 1 min ago
Benjie Aquino #88AkbayanBenjie Aquino #88AkbayanRT @buklodcssp: #SasamaKami sa SONA! 9:00 AM - Quezon Hall Mob 10:00 AM - SONA Briefing (33G Mabait Street, Diliman) 12NN - 1PM - Ecumenic…— 1 min ago
Azeeee’ssshhAzeeee’ssshhMuje samj yeh nahi ata jab tum shadi shuda hou to dosri jaga mun marne ki zarort kia hai? Ya us mein koi nai cheez lagi hou tumare pas nahi he?— 1 min ago
bobby devitobobby devitoMy band needs a liquor sponsorship, but I don’t want the typical lame one like Jagermeister or Budweiser or the like. I think we need to be sponsored by @JeppsonCarl Malort. The shots of Malort we could offer our patrons would make the band sound great 🎸🎸🎸— 1 min ago
aamiraamir@TahirMughalPml1 Wohi Jinhon nein 3 saal Pehley kia tha. Are you a Muslim now patwari.— 1 min ago
An Oriental PismireAn Oriental PismireRT @fawfulfan: BUSTED: Leaked drug exec emails showed them encouraging opioid abuse to the point people would eat them ‘like Doritos’ https…— 1 min ago
Raquel 👼🏼Raquel 👼🏼RT @ajplus: Land defenders at the base of Mauna Kea are shouting "Kū kiaʻi mauna!," or "Stand guard for the mountain!" Here's what they'r…— 1 min ago
La Grande 1075La Grande 1075Escucha La Grande toda la proxima semana para la oportunidad de ganar boletos para Los Temerario el Viernes 20 de Septiembre en The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory.— 1 min ago
Jas: birth editionJas: birth editionwhat do yall call any fizzy drink (coke, sprite, pepsi, etc)— 1 min ago