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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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    Sakuria-JordanSakuria-JordanRT @iamxeonz: “I forgot my food tech ingredients”— 9 mins ago
    abdullah.(Sara's 🎂)abdullah.(Sara's 🎂)@keyboard_wifi As main kia sharm— 10 mins ago
    The Czar of the TelestratorThe Czar of the TelestratorRT @WashingtonNFL: 💪@jonallen93_ 💪 @budlight | #BudLightCelly 📺: #WASvsCLE FOX— 9 mins ago
    Kat FredericksKat Fredericks@clotilde_Bee It's probs because they can't make the first move on bumble but still...— 9 mins ago
    اَمْینُورْ ( لیمیت !!! )اَمْینُورْ ( لیمیت !!! )@kia__086 امشب منتظرم باش🥺⁦❤️⁩— 10 mins ago
    Ross Riley, SystemActiveRoss Riley, SystemActiveRT @goodnewsfinland: South Korean car manufacturer Kia Motors has turned to Finnish company Varjo’s VR headset to seamlessly improve its ca…— 10 mins ago
    HussainHussain@hmynkhan @_NadeemZaidi Log Jo Talal Chaudhary ne Kia us ko condemn kiye baghair Niazi Niazi Ka vird karne lag logon ke ikhalqiyat ha— 10 mins ago
    KIA.SG🌻KIA.SG🌻RT @Eaaaw: ถ้าเราเริ่มลงทุนในกองทุนรวมเดือนละ 1,000 ต่อเนื่องเป็นเวลา 24 ปี เราจะมีเงินเก็บ 1 ล้าน (ถ้าหยอดกระปุกได้ 3 แสน) บางคนบอกว่าแค่…— 9 mins ago
    Kashish Saleem Sindhu🌺Kashish Saleem Sindhu🌺RT @Rajajee_: Shoq sey toro dil mera muje kia hai Tum he is main rehty ho apna he ghar barbad karo gaye.— 9 mins ago
    5̌̈ 한 이 9̌̈5̌̈ 한 이 9̌̈@tigers1_kia 나 너무 힘드렁 힝힝— 10 mins ago
    WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5Congratulations to the Oettel Family on winning this week's FIREHOUSE AT YOUR HOUSE! Thanks to our friends at @Budlight, @sahlens, @Weismarkets and @damoreinjurylaw  ENTER TO WIN HERE:— 10 mins ago
    Fatima_Tahir_RajaFatima_Tahir_Raja@mat_kro_mention Ja tujhy maaf Kia..... 😌☺️☺️— 9 mins ago
    Anne OreoluwaAnne OreoluwaRT @sknypipo: If u live in Bodija, Favos Joanis hotel street precisely & u use a red Toyota. One of ur friends Dat drives a Lexus comes to…— 9 mins ago
    TMJ - CHI Sales JobsTMJ - CHI Sales JobsDon't be shy. Score a job like "Verizon Sales Consultant" at Cellular Sales by asking for referrals. It's a great way to get a meeting with HR. Check out the link in our bio to apply. #Sales #Bolingbrook, IL— 9 mins ago
    Areeba(imlli)🌻Areeba(imlli)🌻@Theamitsharmaa Kia scene hai— 9 mins ago
    A ✩A ✩#sunday @budargentina @Budweiser ❄️💖🤤— 9 mins ago
    yasiin Azizyasiin AzizRT @OtsileJT: BMW 440i or AUDI S5?— 9 mins ago
    IG: VMarieVrtIG: VMarieVrtAustin Powers— 10 mins ago
    Vires Et HonestasVires Et HonestasToyota Supra Spotted Testing At The 'Ring With A Different Engine?— 10 mins ago
    kia__086👌✌kia__086👌✌@AMINOR56278152 بیا خودمو میزنم به خنگی😂😂😂— 10 mins ago
    MFMFRT @thefashionbomb: The future of shopping is coming. 😍 So excited to give you a behind the scenes look at virtual dressing rooms of the f…— 9 mins ago
    Julian HebronJulian HebronSome cool history on Pepsi/Coke ad wars...— 10 mins ago
    Jacob CollierJacob CollierRT @WashingtonNFL: 💪@jonallen93_ 💪 @budlight | #BudLightCelly 📺: #WASvsCLE FOX— 10 mins ago
    tak@0410tak@0410RT @hiro_roki02: TOYOTA公式セレクションなのにイマイチ目立ってないコイツをワタシは推し続けます。 ほら、モデリスタにもこんなに似合っているだろ?🥺(自称 #MGはいいぞ #RAV4 #SUVだって斜め前から見た時が最高 #MGはいいぞ https://…— 9 mins ago
    ععDew na kiaa To phir kia jiyaa— 10 mins ago
    -nlxa.-nlxa.Watch me get on live with a nigga, the whole town would be shook. I’m done sparing mfers feelings— 9 mins ago
    GuillermoGuillermoRT @NomasChayoteros: @FelipeCalderon EL QUE LE METÍA LOS FRIJOLES DE VUELTA AL INTESTINO A TU VIEJA.... al que mandaste a asesinar con r…— 10 mins ago
    😜🤘🏻😢😂🙃😔😜🤘🏻😢😂🙃😔Feel like I’m always chasing the sensation of eating that perfect packet of blue Doritos I had in second break some time in 2013— 10 mins ago
    PhyowaizawPhyowaizawRT @Toyota: We believe in the importance of high-quality and accessible education, that's why we've created an online education hub centere…— 9 mins ago
    Farah💫Farah💫Hey guys,pichle wali tweet was my dare So meine complete kia bohot log aj mere tarah bore hai So sb reply kr rhe hai So meine socha ki iss baar ek acci si dare session kru I will give you real dare Just comment "dare" I will dm ur dare You have quote that without telling the dare— 10 mins ago
    TrooneyTrooneyRT @Dlaureate: The way the housemates gulped down Pepsi the 1st week they came ehhhh. Like they have been waiting for it. #BBNxPepsi— 10 mins ago
    적화적화밥다먹음 카트할사람— 10 mins ago
    BiancaBiancaQue ganas de un paquete enorme de Doritos no importa cuando leas esto— 9 mins ago
    Houston | FGCHouston | FGCRT @AlphaOmegaSin: Needs a few Verizon billboards and TV commercials and we're good to go (It's still an absolutely incredible game so it…— 9 mins ago
    Githua Wa KoineGithua Wa Koine@Fchurii @inoorotv Túngìhinyírìrio gùthura atumia kìa hinya a big no— 9 mins ago
    kaichun(˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)kaichun(˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)RT @KrystalTHFans: ซูจองกับการขับ Audi 🚙 ที่สวยและดูแพงมาก🥰🥰  #audi_ambassador ❤️ #KRYSTAL #KRYSTALJUNG— 10 mins ago
    Anne OreoluwaAnne OreoluwaRT @sknypipo: If u live in Bodija, Favos Joanis hotel street precisely & u use a red Toyota. One of ur friends Dat drives a Lexus comes to…— 9 mins ago
    El BaleaderoEl BaleaderoRT @madio_bn: Ok bello, iniciaré a "unfollow" cualquier cuenta que siga a esta cuenta vulgar de @AndyWagner30 Una cuenta que escribe así,…— 10 mins ago
    ⚝Lil Peep⚝⚝Lil Peep⚝@BUMBLE_BEE_10 اهو جا الليل🤤— 10 mins ago
    ★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★〓★RT @STARSHIPent: [#PEPSIxSTARSHIP] 2020 #PEPSI X #STARSHIP HERITAGE PROJECT #배진영 X #김요한 <#I_BELIEVE> #RELEASE…— 9 mins ago
    Ramona ThunderRamona Thunder@DallasStars @budlight COMEBACK IS ON BABY!!! BRING STANLEY HOME!!!!— 9 mins ago
    A...R...I...Z...O...N...AA...R...I...Z...O...N...AThank you Pepsi for making this season a season to remember. You are the best #BBNxPepsi— 10 mins ago
    Ahsan AwanAhsan Awan@afzaalashraf21 @Aisha_shabbir @bavagujar O Bhai name Kia h name?— 9 mins ago
    PhyowaizawPhyowaizawRT @Toyota: Stay protected after your vehicle’s warranty expires. Find a @ToyotaFinancial Vehicle Service Agreement to fit your needs. http…— 10 mins ago
    tak@0410tak@0410RT @hiro_roki02: TOYOTA公式セレクションなのにイマイチ目立ってないコイツをワタシは推し続けます。 ほら、モデリスタにもこんなに似合っているだろ?🥺(自称 #MGはいいぞ #RAV4 #SUVだって斜め前から見た時が最高 #MGはいいぞ https://…— 9 mins ago
    SumiiiSumiii@ManavKiAai @ManavDeshmukh09 @_nifdo_ Copy ko copy kyun kia tune🤣🤣🤣U are a Copy^2🤭🤭— 9 mins ago
    Reo💤Reo💤Di tele nemu dede2 emesh, di tinder nemu jamet, di bumble udah kayak akhirat, malaikat ama setan ada— 9 mins ago
    Call me star 🌟 / Erica is theTrophy 🏆Call me star 🌟 / Erica is theTrophy 🏆RT @MiraHarlson: Elites we already have 30 million naira.. What's remaining now is malaria medicine, Pepsi carton, tiger spices, indomie, c…— 9 mins ago
    Danyal Raza AnsariDanyal Raza Ansari@KlasraRauf Hahah kia ho gya bhai Actor nahi Anchor ho ap 😂— 10 mins ago
    KrishnaUpadhyay4448KrishnaUpadhyay4448RT @MercedesBenz: YES!! What a drive from @ValtteriBottas! 👊He WINS the #RussianGP for the second time!! @MercedesAMGF1…— 9 mins ago
    Rifat kamalRifat kamal@Khana_Badosh1 Kia tum nay logic pudhi hai such kia hota hai— 9 mins ago
    PhyowaizawPhyowaizawRT @Toyota: With seasons changing comes new beginnings. #Highlander #Hybrid #LetGoPlaces— 10 mins ago
    The Beer-Reviewed JournalThe Beer-Reviewed JournalIt’s game day so you’re probably enjoying a macrobrew. So why not listen to a couple of goobers talk about @Budweiser, @MillerLite , @PBR? We promise it will be at least as satisfying as watching your favorite team lose.— 10 mins ago
    Masa CapitalMasa CapitalAT&T is lying about their 5G network this NFL season almost as badly as Verizon lied about their 5G network last NFL season. Of note, Verizon had to change last year’s ads because they were deemed to be false. Probably going to happen to AT&T too. Dumb & Dumber at it again— 10 mins ago
    PhyowaizawPhyowaizawRT @Toyota: No matter where your adventure takes you, #4Runner #TRD will help you keep it wild. Build yours: #LetsG— 10 mins ago
    Andrew CoxAndrew Cox@EarthAccounting @InsidePackaging Forget the packaging! I recommend everyone see how Pringles are made and the "ingredients". I certainly won't be eating them ever again.— 9 mins ago
    JordanJordan@ChicagoBears @Hyundai We’re so bad— 9 mins ago
    kia__086👌✌kia__086👌✌@deltangiam عاح گلبم— 10 mins ago
    Raja Mubashir NaseerRaja Mubashir NaseerKabhi kabhi tow lagta ha meri zindgi k adhy masly us message ki waja sa hn jo ma na 11 logon ko send nhi kia.— 10 mins ago
    jen #jatpwatchparty TODAY!jen #jatpwatchparty TODAY!just remembered that charlie eats eggo waffles sandwiched together with peanut butter, blueberries, pringles and maple syrup....and I don’t know how....he does that...— 10 mins ago
    ًenola block3dًenola block3dpepsi cola🤰🏻— 9 mins ago
    sevblack7sevblack7RT @ervisoni: a beast in his natural habitat 🔥 @MercedesBenz— 10 mins ago
    ChefChefRT @milkinhisbag: were the kia soul hamsters a fever dream— 9 mins ago
    Cityzen SukhCityzen Sukh@ben39424130 @deleicious_ @delstroyer_ @bernardooooV3 Sorry Ben but they won the massive Audi Cup. Shouldn't mess with the mighty Spurs .— 10 mins ago
    TMJ - BRL Sales JobsTMJ - BRL Sales JobsThis #Sales job might be a great fit for you. Click the link in our bio to see it and more. Verizon Sales Consultant at Cellular Sales #Orange, VT— 9 mins ago
    Positive ThinkerPositive ThinkerRT @cheema09798876: @taleemgovt @DrMuradPTI insay kia umeed krni me roz idr tweet krty k wedlock interdstrct femle k bare soch k phase 2 tr…— 9 mins ago
    jancitomjancitom@Numer10L Pepsi😁— 10 mins ago
    továrishchtovárishch@Doritos_Mx quiereva sus consumidores obesos e hipertensos…— 10 mins ago
    BJP 350+ 2024BJP 350+ 2024RT @MeghUpdates: It's Toyota this Time— 9 mins ago
    Audi StephanieAudi StephanieA man can grow in the grace of giving. 2 Peter 3:18 KJV Pastor Brian Mwesige #PhanerooDiaspora #PhanerooPrayerline— 9 mins ago
    Pinky 🎃Pinky 🎃RT @GrillinChillin9: Cheetos and Doritos. Keeping fingers the color orange for years.— 10 mins ago
    Miss Chris 💋Miss Chris 💋RT @ReggieWayne_17: .@Verizon got me, @TwentyER @Mark_Sanchez & @EliManning watching the #NFL TOGETHER on the @YahooSports app. Still not s…— 9 mins ago
    TosanTosanRT @_MzJayde: Thank You Pepsi for giving us sweet moments . We couldn’t have asked for better moments than these . Thank you Pepsi for mak…— 9 mins ago
    tevytev :)tevytev :)RT @TheDokJ: There's an LGBTQ study being conducted online by Stanford. I looked at the statistics and 75% of participants are white. Can a…— 10 mins ago
    کیا زادکیا زاد@shirin__bayan چرا فالو کرده بودم— 10 mins ago
    Cindy Nero 🎪Cindy Nero 🎪RT @KatyPerryARG: 🇦🇷 | Un día como hoy pero hace 9 años, Katy Perry visitaba Argentina por primera vez y encabezaba el festival "Pepsi Musi…— 9 mins ago
    たこ。Jayたこ。Jay@Capn_Poss @that_Oli cant believe the cartoon horse conversation was fine, but liking pringles is the dealbreaker— 9 mins ago
    Facuu AmigotFacuu AmigotRT @PrensaMatiRossi: ⭕ Podio a repetición y cima en el campeonato. @rossimatias completó una excelente Final del Súper TC2000 en Buenos Air…— 9 mins ago
    ChilgoziChilgozi@vikilogical Manga b to kia 🤦🏻‍♀️ Gulab jamun mang lete Jalebi mang lete 😂😂😂— 10 mins ago
    Audi StephanieAudi StephanieGiving is a certain grace. Pastor Brian Mwesige #PhanerooDiaspora #PhanerooPrayerline— 10 mins ago
    ℓα qυι¢αℓα qυι¢αAntagal dating nung rd ko— 10 mins ago
    Moona YousafMoona YousafRT @Khattak653: #StopBarking_OnArmy Apna sub kuch ay watan tujh pe war dain ge Ye jawani kia sari umar war dain ge tujh pe @teamFF_Pak htt…— 10 mins ago
    CarlosCarlosJavy’s walk-off celebration is easily a Top 3 #CubsMoment this year! #ULTRAMoment via @MichelobULTRA— 10 mins ago
    Osama ShaikhOsama ShaikhTahajjud kay waqt dua kia karo 11:11 sey kuch nahi hoga 💯 #Snapchat #Facts— 9 mins ago
    🤍J🤍🤍J🤍I thought I was enough for her— 9 mins ago
    W E N❣W E N❣ambot ba oy baman sd ge sagol sa pepsi ang rh tas ge inom🤦‍♀️— 10 mins ago
    Be NaturalBe NaturalRT @MeghUpdates: It's Toyota this Time— 10 mins ago
    EliseEliseWhy would Verizon ever talk me into getting a privacy screen. This shit is dumb af— 10 mins ago
    صادق زِد اِنصادق زِد اِن@kia_zad نکردی بابا عه— 9 mins ago
    1G٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶🌸1G٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶🌸RT @nobutakeouchi: 大阪市立科学館なかなかにおもしろー。ムスコ増殖シンクロダンス。— 10 mins ago