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#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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    real quarantined bitch 😷real quarantined bitch 😷RT @trulyraee: i hate when confident me does something cause the shy me will have to deal with it later😭😭— 7 mins ago
    𝙹𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚊 ♡𝙹𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚊 ♡I can finally get text messages after being on the phone with Verizon for 3 hrs— 7 mins ago
    Lookwaa★룩와★ル-クワ★ 🍊🍃0807ㅅ:D♬Lookwaa★룩와★ル-クワ★ 🍊🍃0807ㅅ:D♬RT @BAEKHODIARY_TH: [💘] 200808 ภาพแบคโฮจากเบื้องหลังงาน 2020 PEPSI ONLINE SHOWCASE เมื่อวันที่ 27 มิถุนายนที่ผ่านมาค่ะ 🐯 (1) 🔗…— 7 mins ago
    #mambamentality#mambamentality@iBetUWntA_Lexus Gone head and get to it— 8 mins ago
    BirdBird@regularcars Random guess, some sort of Audi.— 7 mins ago
    K💕K💕RT @artbaenayy: Just because I don’t speak on it or defend it, doesn’t mean your disrespect is justified.— 7 mins ago
    solomon #blmsolomon #blmRT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 7 mins ago
    Trese WEAR A MASK 🌊🌊📨📨📨📨Trese WEAR A MASK 🌊🌊📨📨📨📨RT @PhxWilliamD: Getting Robo calls from desperate Republicans here in AZ. None of them are doing very good in a state they used to control…— 8 mins ago
    Dean TaylorDean TaylorRT @GenG: 🎉50K FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY🎉 To thank you all for your support, we're giving away a @LogitechG peripheral package + Gen.G and @bumbl— 7 mins ago
    ⋆ sunshine // shannon⋆ sunshine // shannon@worldreads @earthlycrochet Done! Best of luck with your study!— 8 mins ago
    Must Trust In MuskMust Trust In MuskRT @txgirlstrong: Update my car is still fuuuuuucked. @Toyota don’t tell consumers that your car is AWD when you take it on terrain, then i…— 6 mins ago
    Berta RezendeBerta RezendeMeu pré operatório tá tão forte q esse trem tem q ficar no mínimo a personificação do sorriso Colgate— 7 mins ago
    laurenlaurenDrinking a Natural Light Aloha Beaches by @AnheuserBusch -— 7 mins ago
    KOTTO🔥KOTTO🔥RT @tvasahi_rally: #EXIT のサイン入り『#ラリージャパン Tシャツ』(L)(M)を各3名にプレゼントです✨  ①番組アカウントをフォロー ②TOYOTA GAZOO Racingツイッターをフォロー…— 7 mins ago
    Dean TaylorDean TaylorRT @Sweepsgg: We will give a @LogitechG Peripheral Package and @GenG + @Bumble Merch to a random person who retweets this tweet and tags a…— 7 mins ago
    alexanderalexander@itzkvngahpihnex maybe her ex's still dey inside pepsi bottle self 😂— 7 mins ago
    marc lopez herreromarc lopez herreroRT @MercedesBenz: YESSSSSS! 🙌 @ValtteriBottas will start on POLE for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix!! 🔥Let’s hear it for the Finn! 👏👏 #F1…— 7 mins ago
    aufi masdepnyh yangyangaufi masdepnyh yangyang@kiacngtpxixi__ pagi juga kia— 8 mins ago
    マリオ髙野🔥🔥🔥S-GT第2戦・富士で勝つ🔥🔥🔥マリオ髙野🔥🔥🔥S-GT第2戦・富士で勝つ🔥🔥🔥@toyotashisetu Let's Go!TOYOTA! Let's Go!LEXUS!! どうか良いレースになりますように!!!!!!— 7 mins ago
    Khi 🦍Khi 🦍Cool ranch Doritos with pickles >— 7 mins ago
    SHARP ACTIONSHARP ACTIONRT @ClownManSwag: KBO South Korea 🇰🇷 ⚾️ Kia Tigers ML -129 #GamblingTwitter— 7 mins ago
    コルゲートコルゲートトゥースペースト・キャノン? 使わないわよそんな物…— 7 mins ago
    Must Trust In MuskMust Trust In MuskRT @txgirlstrong: @Toyota I’m switching to Tesla don’t even stop me.— 7 mins ago
    Kia LovatoKia Lovato@Demidescritivel E tem de postar porquê? Ela deve ter o contato da mãe e parabenizá-la em privado....— 8 mins ago
    Jose AponteJose Aponte@laluzjose @Audi_Rodriguez El dinero le cambió razón filosófica del PLD. Da pena ver gente con talento apoyando la corrupción de su partido.— 7 mins ago
    rexrexRT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 8 mins ago
    Kiara Chelsea ReeseKiara Chelsea Reese#MAKEUP #ART #CLOTHINGBRAND #VINTAGESTARLET #VAUDEVILLE #DANCEFASHION #FASHION #LILYDFASHIEN #BOUDOIR #PUSSYCATDOLL #TEESPRING.COM #LDF!COMICBOOKS #LILYDFASHIEN! I am Kia`RA₩, photographer, model, scriptwriter. Digital Cinematography. Painter. Performance— 8 mins ago
    elielicual es su snack favorito y pq los doritos 🤝 EMILIO EN URBAN FEST— 8 mins ago
    real quarantined bitch 😷real quarantined bitch 😷RT @YumiZYoko: So I’m standing in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove. My son walked in downstairs while on FT with his friends and aske…— 8 mins ago
    letileti@talitaaaS2 @juraluan não mesmo, mundial tem quem disputa libertadores não quem é convidado e joga copa toyota 😉— 8 mins ago
    IJRØBËIJRØBËRT @Athletics: We enjoy long drives in the park 💥 #ExperienceAmazing | @Lexus— 7 mins ago
    Aviones en EzeizaAviones en EzeizaAeronave Boeing 777-3F2(ER) Reg #TCJJR #Erciyes Empresa @TurkishAirlines @TK_ARG despegando de Ezeiza (EZE) con destino Estambul (IST) vía San Pablo (GRU) #TK6170 06-AGO-2020— 7 mins ago
    輝星輝星RT @touken_hanamaru: 『刀剣乱舞-花丸-』第6話【水無月:これからもよろしく】は9(日)24時~TOKYO MX/BS11にて再放送🌸 ときおり悪夢にうなされている小夜左文字を心配し、兄の江雪左文字と宗三左文字は花壇を作ることに…🌹 ▼8-9月発売第1期…— 7 mins ago
    Polin⁷⟬ ⟭ IMY SOPE 💗Polin⁷⟬ ⟭ IMY SOPE 💗RT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 8 mins ago
    Luke Vernon🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏳️‍🌈Luke Vernon🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏳️‍🌈I can’t be only one who gets a little heartbroken at seeing one of your very favourite actors advertise Kia Niros. FFS Mr Deniro, things can’t be that tight— 7 mins ago
    ClownManSwag OGClownManSwag OGKBO South Korea 🇰🇷 ⚾️ Kia Tigers ML -129 #GamblingTwitter— 8 mins ago
    princess layosprincess layosRT @LISABar_CN: #LISA #리사 #BLACKPINK Celebration for the fourth anniversary of LISA's debut PART 1 Korea · Seoul · Hyundai Dept. Store Sin…— 8 mins ago
    탐라에 호령이가 있다면 저를 태그해주세요 「수민」탐라에 호령이가 있다면 저를 태그해주세요 「수민」RT @formin_9: ‘퍼펙트 깨고 역전극’ KIA 유민상, “과연 기회가 올까 생각했다” [광주 톡톡] (출처 : OSEN | 네이버 스포츠)— 7 mins ago
    O Município BlumenauO Município BlumenauUno com dez pessoas colide em Toyota Bandeirante de Blumenau, na BR-470, e cinco vítimas são hospitalizadas:— 8 mins ago
    kiakia3.好きになったきっかけ 最初は声がいいなぁって思ってて、後々LINEで絡むようになった時に仕事終わりに不在着信あってかけ直したら、絶対出ないのわかってたけどワンチャン出るかなって思ってかけた!って言ったの聞いて何この人可愛い!ってなった所からかな?正確にはあんま覚えてない……。— 7 mins ago
    AmberAmberRT @Verizon: Join @carmeloanthony & @CJMcCollum for a live #BubblesideChat with Verizon Up on Monday at 6:30PM ET 🏀RT or LIKE 🏀 to get a r…— 7 mins ago
    connorconnormy dream vehicle is the 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage @Toyota 🥺 pls— 6 mins ago
    yaboi weeblordyaboi weeblordRT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 7 mins ago
    Rourke!Rourke!@kia_pardo You know you might be right haha. A bunch of Capcom staff are faces in RE Engine.— 8 mins ago
    RivertoRivertoSend Doritos nachos— 7 mins ago
    PentarsPentars@shed_offtopic @Alvaryeg @IbaiLlanos Con el pelo Sayayin En el Lexus dando vueltas con mi Queen No la mires, evitate el motín— 6 mins ago
    Syed Sheheryar AliSyed Sheheryar Ali@Tanmayroy7777 @QueenAfshan o hello Masjid is holy place us jagah ki respect hay wahan ibaadat hoti hay dance ni. agr koi mandir mein ghlt harkat kry phir??? to kia tum us bndy ki baqi chezain dekhny lg. jao gy?— 7 mins ago
    Catri Almiron🧉⚽️Catri Almiron🧉⚽️@AgustinResiga @ArieelDiaaz @juli_lagosss Claro en esta estoy con vos amigo,pero que asco los doritos— 7 mins ago
    Tyler D. DrummondTyler D. Drummond@MaximumCortez @Doritos I did have a small bag of sour cream and onion ruffles yesterday as a treat. But man I used to destroy a big bag on the reg like it was nothing— 8 mins ago
    real quarantined bitch 😷real quarantined bitch 😷RT @_BabyKhai: Since a lot of us are approaching the age that we drop off of our parents’ health insurance plans, here is a thread in layme…— 7 mins ago
    🖤🖤brand new baby 😍🙈 hyundai venue 2020 🥺❤️❤️— 7 mins ago
    ᴍɪɴᴛ | IAᴍɪɴᴛ | IART @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 7 mins ago
    ☕️ロイヤルミルクティー☕️☕️ロイヤルミルクティー☕️RT @5500_trec: #撮りバス 去年の5月16日に開催された京急ファミリー鉄道フェスタ2019で京浜急行バスの燃料電池車を見たり、撮影をしました❗️(^∇^) 京浜急行バス 大森営業所 M9901 TOYOTA SORA ZBC-MUM1NAE 撮影場所 京急…— 8 mins ago
    real quarantined bitch 😷real quarantined bitch 😷RT @Chefmade_601: Niggas really rap about destroying their own community, but a woman shaking ass and rapping about their pussy is where yo…— 7 mins ago
    کافرہ 🌈کافرہ 🌈@toothfaiiry kiun kia hoa— 7 mins ago
    parker edisonparker edisonRT @MenezesCracked: In the '80s, Coke spent $250k on a can for astronauts to use. Pepsi made one too, for $14 million. But no matter the c…— 8 mins ago
    Amala Tourist/Ambassador😷Amala Tourist/Ambassador😷RT @tumi_monakhisi: Looking for a good looking and affordable car?.... look no further, @cars_demo we got you😎✌️😎 2011 BMW 320i A/T(E90) ▫️…— 8 mins ago
    Debbie ButlerDebbie Butler@StellaArtois #IBFStellaRewards #sweepstakes Prizes, Prizes and more prizes!!!— 8 mins ago
    real quarantined bitch 😷real quarantined bitch 😷RT @OwlLouisiana: And I’ll do it again— 7 mins ago
    avizcoavizco@SrikarTheShrimp 2814 - Birth of a New Day Saint Pepsi - Hit Vibes These are my top 2, hope u enjoy— 7 mins ago
    Periódico ESPACIO 🌐Periódico ESPACIO 🌐IMPULSO TOYOTA, ADQUIERE TU VEHÍCULO🚘 Este mes aprovecha en @Toyota_Cancun 💵 Bonos de hasta $4,000 m.n. 📊 Comisión por Apertura de 0% 📞Cancún: (998) 193 0000 📞Kabah: (998) 884 4478 📲WhatsApp: (998) 151 9132 Contáctalos en el siguiente link:— 7 mins ago
    Cue Bono#Jobby19SurvivorCue Bono#Jobby19SurvivorRT @nilus110: An 'incensed' dad-of-three ploughed Audi into a cousin who had an affair with his wife Imam Yusuf, 32, spotted his second co…— 7 mins ago
    cotycotySemejante fernesito con Pepsi me voy a tomar Porque ni ganas de salir a comprar— 8 mins ago
    Terynce BTerynce BBudweiser Zero? Do people at @Budweiser really think anyone drinks Bud for the taste? Without alcohol it's just ... cold.— 8 mins ago
    NobleNobleRT @PrimeAutos_: Lexus ES350 2009 (registered) 💰: 2,500,000 📞: Call/WhatsApp 09093532474 📔: Available For Inspection Kindly send a D…— 7 mins ago
    マリオ髙野🔥🔥🔥S-GT第2戦・富士で勝つ🔥🔥🔥マリオ髙野🔥🔥🔥S-GT第2戦・富士で勝つ🔥🔥🔥@toyotashisetu Let's Go!TOYOTA! Let's Go!LEXUS!! どうか良いレースになりますように!!!!!!— 7 mins ago
    레슬리레슬리RT @halfagemini: sweet day 2 u mi bumble bee 🐝💛— 8 mins ago
    ColeTresColeTresAfter 7 days w/o internet the phone rings at 7:56 PM Eastern Standard Time and its @Verizon calling to say services have been restored. 🤔 I am extremely happy but still disappointed at how it was handled @JimGerace. #verizonoutage #verizondown— 7 mins ago
    pam the deplorable 2pam the deplorable 2RT @RealMattCouch: 👀 Journalist Matt Couch Sues NPR, Verizon Communications, Yahoo News! Michael Isikoff, & Others For Defaming Him In Set…— 8 mins ago
    Carai CreitinCarai CreitinRT @autoass: Toyota Levin— 8 mins ago
    浦部禎宏浦部禎宏RT @TGR_WRC: Last week, @TakamotoKatsuta got back behind the wheel of the #YarisWRC after several months away as he gets ready to resume hi…— 7 mins ago
    GentlebossGentlebossRT @Ebuka: DJ Consequence. Budweiser Geng!!!— 8 mins ago
    AdedayoAdedayo@iamslickp Soldier like the girl, dey punish me nitori omo naa. Kia mo ja iwe fun— 7 mins ago
    Kia Motors MéxicoKia Motors México@virit25 Ya es momento de que la estrenes, Virit. 😉— 7 mins ago
    EzeEzeQue onda amigo qué la Pepsi está tan fea?🤮— 7 mins ago
    JJ@iBetUWntA_Lexus Me and all my cousins! And my mama! And my auntie!— 7 mins ago
    YesiYesiFinally changed the rotors to my Lexus and she runs soooo smooth— 7 mins ago
    Toyota TercelToyota TercelThe world if the oil crisis of 1973 never happened— 8 mins ago
    THESPIKE.GGTHESPIKE.GG📣 FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational SEMI FINALS UPDATE. Powered by @NissanUSA & @Verizon @Sentinels win 2-1 over @Envy WHAT A MATCH! MATCH MVP @SicK_cs 📈 228 ACS 📈 1.24 KD 📈 3 FB 📺 Official Data Provider of the event: 📊— 8 mins ago
    PakistanPakistanRT @sweet_old_soul: Zraa sy baaadal kia ajaien saray e photographer bn jaty hainnn 😐— 8 mins ago
    ملنگیملنگی@VijayKa40609803 @shoaib100mph Ab shoab bhai ko rulao gy kia ?— 8 mins ago
    KleoSpatulaKleoSpatula@piccmeeprizes @kayvz @pepsi #verifyPiccMeePrizes ❤️🗣️😇😢🕺💋🐾🤑🤪😆👃🐸🖲️💥🌽🦑👻👣 @TandeskiYvonne @FunkyWhiteGuy @Emily51388561 @daisyshawn39 @by_reviewed— 8 mins ago
    Song BotSong BotSilly Toyota by Lil Wayne— 6 mins ago
    meek$meek$i told her colgate baby gotta keep your teeth straight— 7 mins ago
    Floreng 🌸Floreng 🌸RT @piccmeeprizes: We are going to let one of you #GetOnTheWheel The rules. You must follow @piccmeeprizes @pepsi and @kayvz Then RT this…— 8 mins ago
    𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖🌞𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖🌞Iré a seguir viendo películas y comer doritos.— 7 mins ago
    🤍J🤍🤍J🤍@irisnsfw_ like being degraded?— 7 mins ago
    ❝ 🌸 𝕪𝕒𝕞𝕚 🌸 ❞❝ 🌸 𝕪𝕒𝕞𝕚 🌸 ❞@OliLondonTV Anyone want the last of my Doritos— 8 mins ago
    Hita 🦦Hita 🦦RT @FredSaragoca: Depois de pensar durante muito tempo (0,5 segundos) cheguei à conclusão que as pessoas que associam a crianca a comer um…— 7 mins ago
    OkoyeOkoyeRT @el_shinkafi: I will never forget the white Toyota Camry Spider that... Nvm— 7 mins ago
    @alleneaglegolf@alleneaglegolfA big thank you to Sewell Audi McKinney, our 2020 Mulligan Club Classic Presenting Sponsor! We are very appreciative of your support.— 7 mins ago
    Spot On LocationsSpot On LocationsRT @RWFMuseum: #OTD Lt. ALFRIC EUAN ALLIES, 8th (Service Battalion) Royal Welsh Fusiliers, KIA Gallipoli 8th August 1915…— 7 mins ago
    もりみもりみRT @ROMAGNA_Cento: EAGLEは幾度と芸術的なEtypeを仕立ててきたが これほど気持ちが高揚する個体があっただろうか。 往年ジャグァにて伝説を打ち立ててきた名機の如くウィンドゥ 官能的なボディはより魅力を増し 佇まいからは独特のオーラさえ感じる。 EAG…— 7 mins ago
    ジュンジュン@toyota_kanami おはよう☀— 8 mins ago