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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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TEASER – TurboTax will creep us all out with its kale-eating robo-child

Is the world ready for a kinda creepy robot child who longs to know what love is? No, probably not. Then again, the world wasn’t ready for a PuppyMonkeyBaby either, but that didn’t stop Mountain Dew from unleashing that hell spawn on us in the 2016 Super Bowl.

TurboTax released a 30-second teaser for it’s 2019 Big Game ad (above) and even the man who stars in the teaser admits that the world isn’t ready for robo-child. A robo-child that eats kale salad. Yeah, that’s one creepy kid.