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Top 5

#1 Jeep : “Groundhog Day”

#2 Hyundai : “Smaht Pahk”

#3 WeatherTech : “Lucky Dog”

#4 New York Life : “Love Takes Action”

#5 Google : “Loretta”

Bottom 5

#5 Michael Bloomberg : “Mike Bloomberg for President”

#4 Sabra : “How I Mus”

#3 Pop-Tarts : “Pop-Tarts Fixed That”

#2 Quibi : “Bank Heist”

#1 Turkish Airlines : “Step on Earth”

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PRE-RELEASE – Christina Applegate loses her cool for M&Ms

Remember last year, when Danny DeVito was a human M&M who asked people if they wanted to eat him? Of course you do, it was arguably the funniest Super Bowl ad of the year. The question is, can M&M’s top that effort this year?

Well, they come pretty close, and some might even say they did it. The pre-released spot (above) stars Christina Applegate as a driver who has reached her breaking point after the brand’s spokescandies won’t stop fighting in the back seat of a car.

After you watch Ms. Applegate threaten serious bodily harm on some spokescandies, feel free to take a trip down memory lane with Mr. DeVito’s effort from last year below. Why? Because it’s Danny DeVito. As a human M&M. Do you really need another reason?