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#1 The Washington Post : Knowing

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Pepsi confirms 2019 Super Bowl line-up

The Great 20th Century Cola Wars might not be as heated as they once were, but that hasn’t stopped Pepsi and Coca-Cola from locking horns at least once a year in the Super Bowl. It’s more of a “mild skirmish” than a “war” nowadays, but Pepsi has confirmed that it will be in the Big Game on February 3. No word yet from Coke, but it’s a pretty safe assumption that they’ll make an announcement in the coming week.

Pepsi — in addition to being the official sponsor of the halftime show (headlined by Maroon 5) — has purchased three 30-second ads in the game, in addition to a 10-second lead-in to the halftime show.

One of the spots will be for its flagship Pepsi brand and another will be for Doritos. The last ad will spotlight Pepsi’s brand new flavored sparkling water brand, bubly.

Details about all three spots have not been released, though you can expect something grandiose and sentimental for Pepsi and something packed with humor for Doritos. bubly is currently spokeschugged by actor Neil Patrick Harris, so fingers crossed that Doogie (if you’re over 40) or Barney (if you’re not) makes an appearance on February 3.