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Top 5

#1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Rap Battle


#3 Toyota: Good Odds

#4 Tourism Australia: Dundee

#5 E*Trade: This is Getting Old

Bottom 5

#5 Turbo Tax: The Thing Under the Bed

#4 Turbo Tax: The Noise in the Attic

#3 Telemundo: Goal!

#2 Blacture: Be Celebrated

#1 Coca-Cola: Groove

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All Hyundai related information

Last year, Hyundai rather ambitiously opted to air a fourth quarter spot featuring families being reunited with loved ones using footage shot during Super Bowl weekend. The year before that, Hyundai placed deployed troops in booths surrounded by monitors to virtually reunite them with loved ones.  Yeah, pretty ambitious. This year, the brand is going […]

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