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Top 5

#1 M&M's : Bad Passengers

#2 Amazon : Alexa Fails

#3 Microsoft : Everyone Plays

#4 Planters : Crunch Time

#5 Verizon : First Responders

Bottom 5

#5 Burger King : Eat Like Andy

#4 Persil ProClean : Deep Clean

#3 Wix : Karlie Kloss

#2 Turkish Airlines : The Journey

#1 The Washington Post : Knowing

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Avocados from Mexico and Kristin Chenoweth try to teach dogs to sing

Avocados from Mexico already has four Super Bowl spots under its belt, with a fifth appearance planned for February 3. The brand consistently brings the funny in big ways, and they’re doing it again this year with Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth as the star.

In a teaser (above), Chenoweth attempts to teach dogs how to sing the brand’s signature “Avocados from Mexico” jingle. Let’s just say it doesn’t work out so well, mainly because Schnauzers suck at singing.