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Top 5

#1 Doritos : “Flat Matthew”

#2 Tide : “Jason Alexander”

#3 Rocket Mortgage : “Certain is Better”

#4 Toyota : “Upstream”

#5 Bass Pro Shops : “Get Back to Nature”

Bottom 5

#5 General Motors : “Norway”

#4 Hellmann's : “Fairy Godmayo”

#3 Logitech : “Defy Logic”

#2 Jeep : “The Middle”

#1 Robinhood : “We’re All Investors”

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And the winner is…

We ask the same question every year: Which was more entertaining, the game or the ads? In a year in which we desperately needed at least one of those co-stars to carry the show, neither one seemed up to the task. 

But just like the game, there were a few highlights. Humor and celebrities dominated. Rookies showed up in force, with HALF of the ad line-up being first-time Super Bowl advertisers. And nostalgia thrived, with throwback songs and throwback stars popping up throughout the night. 

When the final votes were counted, Doritos was the winner with a spot featuring a flat Matthew McConaughey who gets his shape back thanks to some 3D snacks.

Until next year!