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And the 2022 SpotBowl winner is...

In a game that featured 15 Big Game rookie advertisers, two cryptocurrency spots, and a return of the E*Trade baby, it was Toyota and their inspirational spot featuring two brothers training for the Paralympic Games that took home the SpotBowl title. 

But the even bigger story for Pavone Group’s 19th SpotBowl was our predictive analytics tool. The Pavone Group data scientists created a proprietary algorithm that analyzed each spot to determine which commercials will be effective and predict how that commercial will rank in the final poll. 

The analytics rankings were updated in real time as soon as new spots aired and were incredibly accurate throughout the polling process. In the end, our predictive analytics tool correctly predicted eight of the top 10 results from America’s voting. 

The bottom line? Forecasting and predictive modeling isn’t easy. But with accurate forecasts instead of guessing, marketers can use tools like Pavone Group’s predictive analytics algorithm to make smarter, more accurate marketing decisions. 

Until next year!